West Ham

Fined 30m over Tevez.

Who gets that money do ya know?

Thats the same Tevez chap that will be a Man City player in january right?

Bleedin Joke! This isn’t going to stick. And if it does we go belly up. Had a bit of hope for the club after Zola took over and the good result on Saturday but its neck and neck now between ourselves and Newcy as to the biggest idiot of a club going. (though Leeds would give them a good run for their money)

Don’t flatter yourself locke. West Ham have a long way to go in the idiocy stakes to catch up with nukeassell

Nobody wil ever catch Leeds.

Ah, it has to be Leeds. Just look at Puke getting giddy over some no-mark scoring goals against Aldershot or someone and it’s fairly clear.

New thread required on the biggest idiot club. Would like to keep this Wham thread going though, we’re a regular soap opera! Real Eastender stuff, don’t know what you’d name the show though…

Can someone explain to me why West Ham did this to the front of their jersey? I’m aware they lost XL as their sponsor, but why the fuck didnt they just stick 2 hammers on the front of it instead of this mess?

I know, it looks rank! I don’t know what the thinking behind it is. They should go to a local charity or something once they’ve gone through all the batch of jersey’s they have with the XL logo on it.

Fulham away this weekend. A draw would do me at this stage but I reckon former hammer ledge Bobby Z will put one over us. They sold him and held onto Carlton Cole. Damn you Crubs!!!

Do you mean they should give the jerseys to a charity or they should put a charity on as a sponsor?

If they’d any class they’d have done the latter. Villa actually got very little credit for doing it this season, compared with the hype and praise doled out to Barcelona.

Villa actually got very little credit for doing it this season, compared with the hype and praise doled out to Barcelona.[/quote]

I only realised 2 weeks ago what Acorns was, fair play to Villa, a very well run Club there Mr Lerner has.

Watching Soccer Am recently I see some Prem Clubs sent out a shitload of gear and stuff to Africa, fair dues, althogh its not exactly a huge step for them.

Bellamy does some good work out in Africa too, which was a huge shock to me.

Craig Bellamy is a gentleman. I hope he gets properly fit once and for all and can start to flourish again.

Hes donated over half a million to soccer academys in shitholes like Sierra Leone in the hope of uncovering another Chris Bart Williams. He may be a bit of a cunt, but hes a generous cunt.

Bandage is also very philantropic, he just doesnt wish to go on and on about it I’m sure.

Won’t really cost West Ham 30 mil anyway. Harry Redknapp has kept pretty quiet throughout all this, prob cos that corrupt prick ALSO owns the rights to certain African players.

Was going to have a pop at Messiloney for stating something as fact in the first post when it actually isn’t but then I see him having a pop at that snide Harry Redknapp so all is forgotten.

locke has another stick to beat carlton cole with now…he got caught for the bag last night…

He’s one useless fucker!! Thanks for the heads up Puke, from the Telegraph…

First Zola had to come to terms with news that the club faced a potential 30 million compensation pay-out to Sheffield United over the Carlos Tevez affair.

Then on Tuesday evening Zola watched his side crash out of the Carling Cup to Championship side Watford.

Now it has been confirmed that injured striker Cole was arrested in the the early hours of Tuesday morning, thereby adding to Zola’s problems at Upton Park.

The 24-year-old was stopped by police while driving his Audi Q7 on Victoria Embankment near the River Thames.

Cole was given a roadside breath test and taken to a nearby police station where he was later bailed.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: "At about 4.25am on September 23, police pulled over an Audi Q7 on Victoria Embankment, SW1.

“A 24-year-old driver was spoken to and subsequently arrested on suspicion of driving with excess alcohol. He was taken to a central London police station and bailed to return on a date in mid-November.”

Cole was rested for the club’s tie against Watford on Tuesday evening because of a foot injury.

Zola has said Cole has the potential to play for England if his good form continues on the pitch.

Cole is of Nigerian and Sierra Leonean descent, but rejected the chance to play for either of their national sides.

The former Chelsea trainee has represented England Under-21s, and scored six goals in 19 appearances.

0-2 up at half time. Cunton Cole with a tap in. Mattie Eds with the other, think Schwartzer is having a mare for the cottagers.

FT prediction: 4-2