Westlife spilt


Where does the N16 go?


think it was the route mac used for his trip to clare- it was defintitely one of the options he was speaking about


Meh, predictable.


you have no problem standing up to me, why not use that defiance against you leader?


Working up to it.


No, castrated by being the cunt that brought Westlife into the mainstream. 12 years I’ve had to endure it, 12 years of listening to people going “and what have the Irish given the music world recently”. Louis Walsh should be strung up by his balls to O’Connell Bridge for 12 hours a day and let the locals and anyone else who wants to fire elephant shit at him while he’s dangling there. Could be a great tourist attraction, 2 Euro a throw. There wouldnt be enough tarmac in all the runways in ireland to get the tourists and Irish diaspora in wnating to have a go.


Good to see you ain’t bitter about it anyway.

Tis hard to beat Irish begrudgery


Its a beautiful thing. I can’t keep count of the amount of times I’m asked in a day “what have the Irish given the music world recently”.


This is nearly as bad as the time Farmer went on his anti Daniel O’Donnell rant.

You would swear Westlife were going around letting onto be artisans or something they weren’t, all they did was produce inoffensive records for teenager girls.


Its a shame they didnt announce their breaking up live off 4 high stools. They could have built up to that changeup where they all stand up in unison from the stools for added effect.


Does N16 not realise he can change the radio station or TV channel?


Yes I do, but for the enxt few days and into the weekend, the papers and the news will be peppered with flowing tributes and eulogies etc to what were essentially glorified karaoke singers. Guarantee you there’ll be something about it on the Late Late. Proper musicians deserve column inches and credit, not karaoke singers.


I agree. We need more Gavin Friday in the media.


Don’t buy any papers, don’t listen to the radio, and don’t watch the Late Late. Not that hard is it?


Westlife blame ‘irreparable rift’ as they split after 14 years

WESTLIFE announced their split last night after 14 years, with sources blaming an “irreparable rift” in the band.

One insider said Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Nicky Byrne and Shane Filan couldn’t agree about the future musical direction of the group.

The source added: "Mark, especially, was keen to go in a more upbeat, credible and slightly less poppy direction.

"Shane and Kian, however, were of the opinion that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Basically the rift became pretty irreparable.

“The guys will always stay in touch and have a special bond. There are no hard feelings.”

Westlife had 14 number one singles and sold 44million records. They revealed their plan to split after announcing their UK tour, and said the decision was “entirely amicable”.


Yes. And I was gutted when I heard about this last week. Seriously upset like.


And adult males too mate.


“Am I supposed to leave you now
When you’re looking like that
I can’t believe what I just gave away
Now I can’t take it back
I don’t wanna get lost
I don’t wanna live my life without you
How am I supposed to leave you now
When you’re looking like that”

If ever a song summed up confusion, mixed emotions, loss, regret…

Magnificent stuff by the boys. :clap:

An underrated song of theirs but my favourite by a distance.


I was chatting to a bird on tinder there who was at a gig Filan was doing recently somewhere around Brighton or somewhere and he brought the house down with “what about now” (one of my favourite ever songs) it sounded unreal the way she described it, I’d love to see that live


They were unreal, this one really resonated with me. We need another Irish boyband back at the top of their game for the recovery to truly be secured.