Westlife spilt


Filan lost his money gambling on the property market I heard.


His brother was heavily involved wasn’t he


They must have made you feel very proud to be Irish


Ah lads this is unreal. Tiger Woods back, Liam Sheedy back and now this. The GOAT Days are here again.

I cant pick my favourite Westlife song but it would have to be between “What About Now”, “World of our Own”, and “When You’re Looking Like That”.


I’ve always loved that song where, when they perform it live, they’re sitting on the stools, you know the one? Well, theres this key change in the song, and when it comes, they get up off the stools, oh man, its a great moment in the song.


When your looking like that is a classic.


When they start clicking their fingers?

They often do that. Its iconic. Like Tiger wearing Red on Sunday.


Its unreal. Emotional. Transcending.


Never heard one of their songs.


Sounds like you’ve been living in a world of your own


What is he doing without them


Dunno but he’s looking like a Fool Again


Cracking tune.

Great memories of the Hatfield.


Extra show announced, box office.


New single out. First in 8 years. Not like any of their other songs.


If there’s no key change I’ll be devastated.


They won’t know when to step down off the stools.


Which ones going bankrupt this time?