What a waste of an hour

After the soccer last night in Fingal I settled down to watch the England - New Zealand game on Sky without knowing the result. Fucking farce.

It was rain interrupted so England got through 24 overs and scored 160 or 180 or something like that. New Zealand then came into bat and played quite well, picking off runs where they could but conserving their wickets.

Match needed to get to 20 overs to become “a match” as such. 19 overs in and NZ need 7 off the last 6. Then the umpires consult because of light rain (falling for the last two overs). Bit of deliberation then back to their positions. Then a bag blew onto the field, game is delayed about 30 seconds then umpires meet again. Long discussion and that’s it - game abandoned.

Fucking ridiculous. Crowd had waited God knows how long for a result. NZ are prepared to play on in whatever light and there’s only 6 balls required before there’s a result. They took a half hour break for tea between the two innings as well which was utterly pointless.

Waste of an hour watching that shite.