What are your weaknesses?

How do people go about answering this question during an interview?

Personally I always go with the oul “Im a perfectionist when it comes to getting a job done but I often try and use this and turn it to my advantage” or some similar shit like that. I have heard of people saying shit like “I’m lazy” or “I don’t like working in groups”

Most people reply with the perfectionist bull or else the " I like to give 100% effort to my job and do it to the best of my ability and I expect everyone else to do likewise…blah de blah"
Those sorta bullshit stupid questions when applying for a job sicken my hole, tell the fookers the truth anymore “Booze and cheap hookers” and see how the cunts react to that

I replied before saying my weakness was that I was crap at interviews.

Didn’t get that job…

I tend to take too much work on myself and can be slow to delegate (i.e. your hiring a fookin slave)

Is this an overall question or just what you say in the interview?

In an interview you have to go with the perfectionist one - what else can you say?

Overall I have to come to the conclusion that my weakness is that I am overly sensitive. Stuff happens and I can be in a fouler over it for days. It also explains the fact why I am so easily wound up…

Yeah, thats the best one alright. I hate getting asked that question though. I’ll usually try and crack a joke for it though, something like I cant seem to back a winner these days at all, or I can’t parallel park or something like that - usually gets a laugh and moves the interview on to the next question!

My question is purely for what you would say in an interview there Farmer.

I hate all those bullshit HR questions in interviews. Really annoying.

I like the one about being slow to delegate Dan. I think I’ve used something similar myself in the past. Luckily enough I haven’t had to go through to many interview processes.

Interviews are horrible particularly if you have a git doing it…

In my last job I had an outrageous tosser interviewing me. It was one of those jobs out of college where all the applicants are college people. I had reasonable results and crucially had worked in the place before for a summer. At the start of the interview he openly filled out the form in front of me and put it to one side as if to say ‘you have the job’. He then put his hands behind his head and said something to the effect of ‘so tell me about you’ (David Brent style). So I told him some stuff. We got into a discussion then about something and he started arguing for the sake of it. I said I didn’t agree with him and he said something like ‘just agree with me for your own sake’.

I also had a bird interviewing me once who absolutely hated me and appeared to have it in for me. By the end of it I was giving one word answers to her questions and felt like telling her to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Ugly she was as well…

I remember reading a good post from Bandage before about sticking the head in the interviewer. You should have gone for that.

Was doing an interview before when have way through it I realised that the job was nothing related to what they had put in the job spec. It was basically a glorified secretary. When he started going through the day to day tasks, I just had to stop him and ask was he serious? He said he was. I laughed and said I’d no interest in that.
He was saying why did you apply for the job etc, but I had a print off of the job spec with me and asked him how that related to what he was after telling me. He gave the usual “general overview” crap. I basically walked out in the end.

Why not use the answer the woman in The Apprentice gave when asked that question.

" My greatest weakness is that I give gobshites a second chance"

just tell them you’re prone to the infamous ‘double W’…work w8nk…you know the one when your in the office on a monday and still half in the bag from a weekend bender and your thinking of some of the birds you saw over weekend and you just got to go to little boys room to bust the cap off…otherwise you’ll get no work done all day…great way to focus the mind…but definitely a weakness.

Good self-analysis there Farmer!

As for the question, it’s exactly like you’ve said yourself Flano and what dan and others have said too. It’s a ridiculous question to be honest and the only way to answer it according to a crappy interview books is to turn it into a positive and say you’re a perfectionist and sometimes demand too much from your colleagues or take on too much responsibility yourself to make sure things are done correctly.

I find it hard to work in a team where the rest of the team are not motivated (ie. Farmers). Always blame your weakness on someone else or the guy who can’t speak English that’s what I say!

You could try and be witty Flano and say “eczema” but of course you’d have to gauge what your interviewer is like before trying it.

You’re really into The Office now aren’t you?