What celebrity/moviestar would you like to go on the beer with?

well tis a straight forward question if you could have one night on the beer with any fanous person who would it be…you cant choose a bit of hot totty just so you could date rape them…

i would choose the actor James Woods he seems like a sound dude with a fair few stores to tell and doesnt seem to take himself too seriously…if i couldnt go with im i would chose donald suderland because he is a legend…

who would ye pick?

Gazza surely.

A night on the piss with Roy Keane would certainly be one to remember.

Eric Bristow. Legend

And the thing about Bristow is everyone knows he’s a gargler so it’s feasible.

Eamon Dunphy.

I’d gag to go on the lock with James Gandolfini. Bring him into the late Johnny Sac’s territory in NYC and check out a few strip clubs.

Laura Woods and her jugs.

Some people are on Series 5 of Sopranos and didn’t know til now that Johnny Sac has met his maker. You are a hoo-ir.

Oliver Reed - if he was alive

Purely for a good time you would have to say Ric Flair. If I only drank. :confused:

Bill Murray

Jocky Wilson. Jaysus that would be a savage one.

Simon Delaney… Large powers there chief