🤷‍♂️ What the fuck is wrong with people?

Tis indeed,or certainly can be.

It was much worse 40 years ago

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Dunno tbh

Dunno if true but think I read that anyone working more than 10 years as a psych nurse in the US cant give evidence in court as a witness.


I’ve seen it with people locally that nursed in a local psychiatric hospital they would be as mad as brushes themselves. If they were lucky they didn’t pick up some of the mannerisms of the patients.


Same as that. My work place is full of cunts and you see nice people turning into cunts the longer they’re here. I haven’t changed thankfully. I was a massive cunt before I ever darkened the doors.


Up the cunts is the mantra so

Pun pun pun

How does that warrant a sentence of 10-15 years, any more than Larry Murphy getting out after 12?
Should be thirty. And thirty served.

My aul lad was one for 45 odd years. I must ask him :joy::joy::joy::joy:


There’s some bullshit principles about rehabilitation and recidivism in this country, the cunts just don’t want to pay really, easier give them dole and let them live as pariahs

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Any impairment would be down to you I’d say. :grinning:

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I agree.

And Murphy actually got out after 10.

She didn’t see that coming