What will you be having for Christmas Dinner?

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Turkey with a can of Budweiser up its ass.

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Julio’s Top Tip #1:

Cook the Turkey upside for the first few hours, then turn him the proper way for the rest.

Keeps it lovely & moist.


Moist is a great word.

Not if you’re in the jungle.

prawns by the beach

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superb NCC mate

First baste of the turkey coming up.

Turkey ham all the trim ins

That’s it Joe.

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Veg Soup
Garlic Prawns
Turkey & Ham with all the trimmings
Not sure about desert.

Trifle 2 types

Could somebody post a picture of their bread sauce when it’s done and another one of it poured over the food?


[quote="Loko_Cove, post:11, topic:21623,
Not sure about desert.

We hosted breakfast for 10 and two kids… Off duty now and looking forward to gorging.

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I’ve only seen this now. I made bread sauce for two houses, got a phone call a while ago raving about the bread sauce. The best they ever had apparently.

Also you don’t pour it over your food, it sits neatly on the side of the plate for dipping.

Just finished my own dinner now. Absolutely bollixed.


The red velvet cheesecake will have to wait for an hour

Haven’t had a bite yet…

This is a Roman Catholic forum buddy.


It is in me bollox… Dont be starting rows today you prick.