What's your suit rotation policy?

For those working in a suit wearing environment, how often do you change your suit or shirt and tie?Generally I’d get a week out of the suit and change the shirt and tie twice a week, during times of incessant heat I would have a new shirt everyday and may even change my suit midweek - depending if I get the slightest whiff of balls from my trousers.

Do any of you have any rituals with regard to this?

Shirts would only ever be worn one day without washing. That’s a golden rule as far as I’m concerned, and when I suspect someone of double-wearing a shirt I would instantly regard them as being somewhat uncouth. I like to have at least two ties that I can wear with each shirt so that my wardrobe doesn’t get boring. I have around 12 shirts in rotation at the moment - this is important because our cleaner comes once a fortnight so I never have to iron my own shirts. I probably have around the same number of ties - possibly a few less.

I’d get more of a wear out of my suits though. I own four suits - two black and two grey. I would have one black and one grey in rotation at all times - usually switching every second day. While they are in rotation, the other two get dry cleaned. I’d generally go around a month or even six weeks before switching, but the cycle would be much shorter in the sweaty summer months alright.

Shirts should be changed everyday.

(This rule also applies to undertrousers and socks)

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Shirts should be changed everyday.

(This rule also applies to undertrousers and socks)

I change the shirt everyday as well. I have around 10 shirts so I never wear the same one twice in a fortnight. I’d mix and match a handful of ties as well. When the ties get dirty I throw them out as they dont dry clean too well . I’d would only wear a full suit for meetings and important days, I generally just wear suit trouser pants, light grey, dark grey, brown and a pinstripe pair. Never black, im not a waiter. I would also rotate these daily with a weekly wash then. A smart wool coat then for the winter.

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change the shirt and tie twice a week,[/quote]

you are a monster

I don’t see the need to change a shirt daily when I don’t perspire. Maybe it’s my mediterranean genes.

Totti, that is sick.

My ability to not secrete odours?

Ah here Totti

I will not take lectures on personal hygeine from a guy who shits himself.

Who’s asking you to do that mate ?

Have your work colleagues ever said anything to you about your state of dress ?

I have received many compliments on my sharp dress sense.

Are you a cattle dealer?

No. I don’t like animals.

Back of the net.

I wear a different shirt every day. I’m down to around 10 shirts now so I must get a few new ones and phase out some of my older ones.

I have fuck all ties actually. I tend to throw them out when they get stained. I’ve brought a few to the dry cleaners over the years and generally found that the cunts don’t remove the curry/ketchup/mayo/alcohol or whatever.

I might have mentioned before that I have a bandy kind of walk and it results in lots of chafing around the groin area. It also leads to holes in the ball area of lots of my trousers, especially suits. I have to buy suits regularly enough because of this. I’m down to three at the moment. Like Braz, I’d tend to wear 2 in any given working week. I don’t have to wear a suit on Fridays and I’d get them dry cleaned every 6 weeks or so.

Totti sounds like a really smelly country cunt. I’d imagine working near him would smell like a farmyard. When I last worked in an office I kept 20 or so shirts on rotation.

You’re an animal. This double wearing of shirts may be mitigated somewhat if you wear some sort of sweat collecting garment underneath but even still this is very primitive carry on.

The general crux of the matter seems to be that y’all perspire like a leaky tap and have insecurities about how people perceive you to be.

The sickening abuse I have been on the receiving end in this thread is ironic considering you guys lack confidence and are likely sufferers from heart disease in the future.

There is only need to change a shirt when it is crinkled and does not smell fresh. I bet I look much more suave, stylish and smell better in my two-day-old shirt than any of guys do in your hour-old shirt.