What's your tipple?

We may have had a thread on this years ago.

I am a Guinness man, unless it is a hot day or I am in a nightclub or house party (basically anywhere where a nice pint is not conducive). In such instances, Heineken would be my drink of preference but I like Corona and Miller too. I hate Bud and Carlsberg. For me, Guinness beats all other competitors out the door.

I am always open to trying other beers. Clarkey recommended a smashing little New Zeland beer in Solas there a couple of weekends ago. Can’t remember the name of it - Steinbeer maybe?.

I don’t like ales - Smithwicks and the likes. I also dislike any sweet tasting drinks as pints such as cider or pear drinks.

Shorts wise - I drink vodka (I can’t handle whiskey). I generally mix it with coke if on my own but if in a round with others, it is nearly always red bull which is pulled out. I like brandy as well but that isnt always conducive to nightclub where such drinks are usually bought.

I like wine as well, I wouldn’t be an expert like I am on music for instance, but I love a nice bottle of red. White wine is nice too but I am much more of a red person.


My favourites are

Pints (3-4): Guiness
Pints (4+): Bulmers Orginal Cider
Short (1-2): Jameson Whiskey/ Good Scotch straight, with a cube of ice
Short (2+): Vodka (usually mixed with Red Bull)

The number in brackets indicates the number of drinks I plan on having when making my decision regarding my first drink. e.g. If I plan on having more than 4 pints then I will start on cider, if I am only out for a couple then Guinness.

I like me hugh heinze.

I’m fond of the wine myself farmer. I like a good red.

Beer wise I like properly made ales. Of the kind you get in some London pubs but never see in a pub here. Stuff like Fullers London Pride. If I have to drink draught beer in an Irish pub I’ll usually chance Guinness or Heineken. I hate Carlsberg.

Rarely drink shorts. The odd G&T is all. I never touch cider.


Jameson on the rocks

Rum and Coke (Havana Club).

I never head out for just one or two drinks, so i drink a scatter of pint bottles and then usually end up on Jameson, vodka or captain morgan. I’d usually have a coke with them. At home i’d have a few cans of Bud or white wine, preferably a nice Australian Chardonnay.

< 10 pints - Guinness.

10-15 pints - Carlsberg.
15 pints - Smithwicks.

I don’t ever drink vodka, the only shorts i will drink is whiskey generally. I like red wine as well, not white wine.


Would you drink pints at all KP? If you were to stay on those for night you’d be:

a) hammered very quickly
B) sick of them (particularly the coke)
c) Dying the next day

I am a big fan of wine too.

I like a nice cold Sauvingon Blanc, not gone on Chardonnay.
I’d drink any type of red but probably prefer white.



Great use of the “less than” and “greater than” symbols.
I never could get my head around those.

I am learned you see.

I like Guinness when I’m only going to have 3 or 4 and am in a good Guinness pub. When I’m going to have more than that I generally turn to Smithwicks (McArdles if I’m in Dundalk).

I’ve kind of stopped drinking pints of draught lager, not through any conscious decision, think it just stopped agreeing with me. Used to drink Heineken.

Bottled beer wise I like Steinlager Pure (that’s what farmer refers to above), James Boags, Heineken, Miller and Corona.

If I’m having a short I enjoy a gin and tonic.

Only recently started drinking wine (white only) and it’s a noble drink. There are times when I’d rather unwind of a Friday with a nice Sauvignon Blanc than a hugh heinz. I don’t really like tasting new beers any more but I do enjoy trying a new wine.

I very rarely drink Guinness as I find it far too easy to drink and I end up drinking 6or7 in the first hour and that’s a sure way to go wrong early doors.

When in Kilkenny - Smithwicks
Elsewhere - usually Heineken

Shorts - My good friend Mr James Beam or Morgan Spiced and orange if on a mad one


Yeh it’s alright

Used to drink loadza pints…

Half way to being a full blown Coeliac (like me ould fella) so don’t bother with pints anymore.

Some of the hangovers in recent years were epic from lager. Literally going for 5/6 quiet pints and spending the majority of the next day on the phone to Ralph and Hughie.

No hangover from Whiskey, just a cantankerous cunt for about 2 days after a good session of it. I have also noticed the urge to box the heads off any smart cunt once I go beyond 5/6 shots on a night out. A mild version of Francis Begbie if you like.

Guinness all the way for me!!!