When was the last time you did drugs


You get savage tack in England. It’s shit in Ireland


Will you bring some stuff home? Sure you could get it through Shannon no bother?


no chance, they have the dog out at random times


Was over in London one summer during college around 15 year ago. Threw back the odd yoke over that summer but nothing major, and never more than one. Back in college and a few months after that was at a house party in UL, might have been new years. Bored out of my tree and was offered one so I gobbled it down. Waited about an hour and no effect. Got impatient and had another one. Still nothing much happening after another while so I went again, three in about 3 hours. When it hit me it felt like my brain was frying on a pan with the accompanied sound effects. Missus was sitting beside me wondering why I was bucketing sweat, thankfully she was too pissed to notice too much.


Mushrooms, Vang Vieng, 10 years ago or so.

Was meant to get a 10am fastboat the next morning. (Tuesday).

Whatever sort of fucked up metabolism I have meant spending the next 36 creased to the bed and made the boat on Thursday instead. Never felt such peace, I had no enemy that day.


Friday. I was having a savage day. Half of Porto was in the Pub and I was well up on Cheltenham. I had a few pints and one of the lasds said he was going out for a spliff. I hadn’t had one for a long time but I used to love my spliff. Out the door round the corner. About three drags of a pure weed spliff. I went back in, bought a pint and fell apart.A game changer, a game fucking ender. I walked(stumbled) home to clear my head (about 5k). It didn’t. I walked in, flaked out on the couch and was asleep by about 8.50. I woke on the couch with a roaring flu about 6am the next morning. I had aches and sweats all day saturday, sunday and monday. Never again while out.




I don’t consider dope a drug, lets talk about the hard stuff lads

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I’m on a new tablet for the prostate.


It’s everywhere nowadays. Easy to get good stuff.


FFS mate :rollseyes:


Do you have to feed it to the prostate?




Nah. I take it orally.


It’s a cunts drug, it was always widely available and always shite in Limerick mate.


A house in Kilmessan, Co. Meath on December 2nd, 2007.


H’aboy Fagan! Post of the year :clap:

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Your some hypocritical cunt lecturing me about stealing a few.pick n mix in the cinema.:blush:


Get the fuck out.


Your a bell end.