When was the last time you did drugs


I note that the loyalists get a capital ‘L’ while God’s representative on earth must muck along with common garden variety ‘p’.
You’ve been undercover for far too long.


Well it’s news to you and @glasagusban by the amount of :joy: and :rollseyes: that ye’ve both been posting. I think you’ve both learned something today. Everyday is a schoolday on the INTERNET.


You mug.


That bits true. My source in the goat got a picture of the bag


A few roasters here in meltdown that you can order drugs on the internet and that a young lad and his mates successfully did this and then had the temerity to mention it on a drugs thread on the internet. @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac has made a show of himself.


I’ve no doubt you can buy drugs on the internet… never questioned it.
I’m questioning the stupidity of boasting about it on the internet.

Who’s alter ego are you?


No mate, you were insinuating this practice wasn’t happening, then changed tact to IT issues and then pivoted to, well there’s Guards on here, you’re going to jail. It was a pathetic display and all because you were ignorant to the whole practice and refused to just admit it’s not something you were aware of.
No alter ego here.


I never said the practice didn’t happen. I said it wasn’t being sent direct from Colombia to athlacca. Which was what was said.

Few people living vicariously through a lad doing pretend drugs on here.

Sad really


you’re getting talcum powder mate, delivered from Athea

This would indicate you don’t believe the drugs being ordered are legit. The audit trail.

I’ve never touched a narcotic in my life so I couldn’t care less about living vicariously through someone who’s into it. If he enjoys drugs, gambling, drinking and women more power to him. It’s just funny seeing middle aged roasters getting upset about it.


They are bullys. @backinatracksuit @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac @glasagusban @Robert_Emmet


Classic case of jumping in with both feet then backtracking furiously.

“Ah no I knew you could buy drugs on the internet but there’s no way you get it sent to your house.”

“Ah yeah I knew it got sent to your house just that it doesn’t get sent from Columbia. Shur ye hardly think Escobar is sending ye grams.:joy:

“Ah yeah I knew it got sent from Columbia just the quality is shit.”

“Ah yeah I knew the quality varies but you’re a mug.”

Few lads caught out very, very badly here today.


I’m not upset. I have an alternate view on the subject and I’ve articulated my point.

In your logic, you must be upset at me being supposedly upset.

Now fuck off and mind your own business


It’s funny to watch the middle aged hardchaws lining up to tickle his belly as well, the poor cunt doesn’t even realise it’s going on.


Another backtrack here @Horsebox


The druggies are outing themselves here.


Huh, there’s no backtrack in that post


@mac came in two footed along with lads but the minute he realised he was wrong he put his hands up and apologized. The lads couldn’t handle being wrong so they moved to “oh ya we know coke can be got on the dark web it doesn’t come from Columbia”. Cowards the lot of them.


Typical Irish begrudgery on show here, frustrated at their own inadequacies and lashing out at a young self made entrepreneur. The same oafs would have been scoffing at the Collison brothers.


I’m early 30’s sir, although that’s already giving too much info away on the net. Not seeing where you’re getting this hardchaw projection from. AC told a little ditty about his mates ordering drugs online and the middle aged blinkered set have gone into a meltdown.


Oh no, don’t tell anyone please.