When was the last time you did drugs



I’ve not apologised at all. If your mates want to buy Daz mixed with Talcum Powder from Mick in Mullingar who is posing as Pablo from Medellin througj the dark web then more power to them


Sorry about that mate, didn’t mean that reply for you


You got your little bit of attention , stop tagging me now. I don’t want to be accused of ganging up on you again.

I’ve realised today I’m too old for internetting … My heart just hasn’t been in it for a couple of years now…

I wish you well on your own journey.


Brilliant to log onto the internet and see a few halfwits getting absolutely humiliated

Well done @AppleCrumbled


You’re a very very good poster.


Well well well, what a pwetty pictuwh @AppleCrumbled has painted


You wouldn’t catch a cold. Where are going to find the time to crack an international drugs operation anyway? With penalty points to wipe, machine guns to lose and stitching up colleagues you must be put to the pin of your collar!


Haha, that is classic alright. The lads acting like it’s a Denzel type character in Training Day scouring the forum looking to break an international drugs operation… a few fat culchies handing out speeding tickets, eating Spar breakfast rolls at 5pm, Jesus wept :smiley:


All your short is a doughnut cliche.


Do you think there is a danger of D.I. Crimefighter reading tfk and building a case against some poster implicating him in an international narcotics ring?


No you tit. It wouldn’t take much to figure out who is involved ,where it’s delivered to etc from the info here


You’re saying no… but it might happen because it’s easy to figure out who the person is. ‘Inspector, open a file, there’s lads on the internet boasting about mailing 100grams of coke from Colombia’ :smiley:


Lots of group think going on from the druggies and criminals trying to convince themselves they are anonymous criminal masterminds.

The guards would have a good estimation of what’s coming in, when where and how.

If you’re persistently breaking the law there is a high likelihood you’ll be caught.


The guards :joy::joy::joy:


The Guards can’t even point the pepper spray in the right direction!


I’m saying no to the international drug ring.

Some cunt in adare who’s given out a load of information wouldn’t be hard track down where repeated quantities of narcotics are being sent and sold from.

Hardly any work at all in it.


You couldn’t make it up.


There are more than just traffic corps and beat cops.

This is great. All the druggies convincing themselves the guards don’t know what’s happening.


This whole thing was made up, shortened the day though in fairness