When was the last time you did drugs


The six guards given overtime to bring down the Kinihan cartel and now focusing on trawling through Eir’s log files and eyeballing encrypted tunnels for a few grams of Charlie ordered from a student village. The six lads can shift through a few million lines of logs in minutes.

@AppleCrumbled is throwing the iPhone into the Maigue as we speak.


That’s all a side pot.

The main pot here is there’s a lad boasting about buying and selling drugs on a relatively local forum where a cop has already nailed a poster to a tee.


That’s what it’s all about.


If the gardai did catch a student selling drugs, he would be left off with a slap on the wrist.

Good family etc, essentially you get a second chance when you’re middle class hence this can happen, and has done for a long time now.

The narrative is disgacefully very different for lads from working class communities.


How many more times have I to ask you… Are ye ordering it straight from Colombia or not?


That’s our cop you’re talking about.


It all comes from Peru these days fwiw, and most of it is still collected on the Tipp border behind a wall funnily enough.

Thats the narrative you’d hear anyway. Small time wise.


Should all be legalised and taxed.

Clean it up and essentially take the shit out of it. Drink still kills more people than all drugs combined.


Who’s from adare you clown :rofl: you keep reposting nonsense trying to hint at personal stuff you know about me. First it was lit then ul and after you tagged a guard in the thread. I didn’t once boast about buying drugs either. I’ve seen lads have meltdowns but this is simply bizarre. You didn’t no coke could be got on line and now you’ve decided to try and tell the guards who I am even though I’ve never bought drugs online in my life. You’ve completely lost your mind on this.


Not all legalized. Illegally obtained opiates are the fastest growing cause of death in the US.


It was the royal we you used a while ago so was it.

You’ve said before that Adare was your club.

You are either a very thick cunt or the biggest Walter Mitty I’ve ever run into.


I never tagged anyone in a thread ever.

Anymore fantasies?


You are a very paranoid character, forever crying about lads responding to you and taking the slagging very very personally,


He’s twice said I’ve divulged information hinting at where I am and claiming it would be easy for the guards to find me. It’s totally bizarre carry on and he keeps going and going. You fairly togged it last week when some the lads new something about your car. So it’s a little rich coming from you.


But you did you thick cunt.

You posted a picture of a watch you own as well which is very distinctive


Biggest back track ever.

Fuck off you spoofing cunt.


Mate, nobody cares who you are, I don’t think anybody believes anything you say anyway,
But if you tell somebody you’re from Adare and then cry that somebody is stalking you when they repeat it back then that’s very very paranoid behaviour


I think this joke has gone over your head. Even backinatracksuit realised it before you which is saying something.


Well I hope @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac keeps looking for me in adare. I’ve been there twice in five years I’d say maybe three times. More info for @Breaking_my_balls track me down with.


right you are.

So you’ve admitted you are a spoofing cunt.

I suspected as much but I know now.