When was the last time you did drugs


nobody is looking for you mate. you are inconsequential, sitting in your mothers spare room somewhere trying to score internet points.


Jesus Christ don’t mention the parents :open_mouth:


No I’m actually an international drug trafficker. The only reason I post here is try and get friends with lads so I can use there addresses to get some coke delivered to their adressss you dumb fuck.


Well you seem to be looking for me Or hoping the guards look for me which is as bizarre if not more than you actually looking for me.


no mate.

I hope you end up in Portlaiose getting bummed by a HIV riddled Heroine addict.


:rofl::rofl: for what you dopey cunt


For knowing an entrepreneur.




They’re working class types who would drink themselves to death anyway. If you are middle class and can handle drugs you should be allowed to.


I’m sure he’d welcome a heroine, whether in Portlaoise or anywhere else


That made me laugh.


I took four night nurse, three melatonins, two pints and two g and t’s on a flight recently.
Would this count?


Did you tear the stomach off yourself?


I’m not sure. I can’t remember much of it. I hope not, but couldn’t rule it out either.


Xanax and booze until you feel your body go numb.


I believe him, mate. I, however, don’t believe that an Irish Denzel type is sticking a photo of his watch up on a whiteboard somewhere with arrows pointing to tfk, adare, the dark web, Leopardstown race course all for boasting about the mailing of 100 grams of personal online.


I’ve never had a xanax. What’s it like, and how much would be needed to make long haul amnesia?


Would you know the Garda who gets the blowie from yerwan Carla ?


Avoid the xanax pal, you feel like hell afterwards and it induces a half awake/half asleep dream like state. I’ve taken a couple in my time when dreading a 12 hour flight but always regret it.


It’s very relaxing but highly addictive, I’ve only used it for long haul myself.
0.5mg would be the normal dosage, or 1mg Ativan which is faster acting and leaves your system quicker (handy if you have to drive when you arrive).