When was the last time you did drugs


Half asleep is better than no sleep, if you have to function when you get there.


Yeah, fair enough, I don’t like their after effects but if you are desperate crack away.


This place is bonkers.


100g of pure cocaine is no joke mate, I believe it was 10g that we were talking of.

I find it difficult to believe anything he says to be honest but maybe that’s just me.

Edit: Who’s Denzel??


I go off for the afternoon and Bumbles tags me three times on the same thread after being torn a new hole by half the board for the day. FFS.


10g wouldn’t keep a heavy user going for long. I know lads who would polish off three 8-balls in a weekend.


10g is what arrives in the letterbox with the Colombian postmark on it


You’d hardly make a living off it.


What happened here?


Jesus. 349 unread posts since i left this last night. It’s all kicked off.


The resident cop nailed @backinatracksuit for a busted wing mirror while the car was parked up in a quiet place. Interestingly enough his wife then got penalty points a few days later. A reign of terror


The Yanks I know swear by it for the fear after a few days drinking. Slippery slope though but grand a few times a year


DMs flying around with hotel name and room number for collection of the Powder for Galway race week.


Ah here, this is great entertainment. The % of drugs caught coming into this country is miniscule…and to think the focus is on the amount of packages that come in every day. Dark web is serious business although I’ve never availed.


I’d love a bit of coke now


Serious business :smiley:


You can buy it on the dark web. All you need is an internet connection.


I know a couple of coppers who like their drugs.