When was the last time you did drugs


Awful carry on. I’m sure it was a bit of ball hopping though


Ah lads, that’s an outstanding effort. Sheer seeth & quality put downs. :clap::smile::smile:

Throw on the cloak & pull the plug, @Rocko


Simply fascinating to watch


What’s the purity of coke be used in Éire


100% pure wanker.


Depends. Average street deals 10% I’d say


Would 60/70% exist on the market if so is it more expensive, if so is it better to have it pure than mixed with baking soda or whatever


I snorted the back off a dirty bag of speed in the old Jurys inn around 2004,felt like shit days after it,got a lift home to the Well of some Adare lad in a Nissan micra who in my head was going well over 100 but in reality it was nearer 50 while that gloopy after drip ran down my throat,a horrible depressing drug.


And fine women there that night ready to be rode…


Villiers fanny not worth the ear ache! :joy:


Last weekend. I put liquid in my body which altered my mind, slurred my speech slightly, prevented me from sleeping properly and gave me a headache and a depressive mood the day after. Lager it was called.


I doubt it. I’d say more 40% if you have someone close to the higher up dealers that have it but that’s hearsay unless you actually test it. I do remember a night about 10 years ago I was in Mickey Martin’s and met a lad I used hang around with (his da and brother are cops :grinning: ) and he gave me a line of stuff that was literally posted from Bolivia by a mate of his and I was monged, haven’t took stuff like it since. BTW, I rarely take it but enjoy it when I do


Anyone snorting coke etc are feeding into the scum in Ireland who are dealing it. Hutch, Kinahan, Dundons etc


The first chemical i took.I used get myself a qtr of it every weekend for a while, horrible stuff.


And drinking paying into the paws of corrupt governments.


Not if you buy it straight from Colombia.


So lads are snorting 90% baking soda and rat poison? Fucking hell.


If they’re lucky.


I agree


Sure if poor @feck_it was used to that trash, a trip to Amsterdam and 2 grams of the good stuff would blow his brains out. Mind yourselves lads.