When was the last time you did drugs



if you have to? the cunt is so far down the rabbit hole I’d say he writes applecrumbled down as his name on real life forms


you ape



Special delivery in college court ahead of the weekend


The Colombian lads package things up so nearly. Pure professional.


Went over your head obviously


Didn’t see the typo till later bud… By then I couldn’t be seen to go back on my reply… Obviously it should have said off my tits.


@AppleCrumbled stash got seized.


Went for a pint and to watch the Dubs.

Grabbed taxi, living in the country, was picked up before the other revellors were dropped off. Dropping the gang off a lad grabbed his mate for assistance searching for a ‘bank card’ in the back of the bus…no luck.

I jumped out to enquire…a bank card? Me bollix…no says he a g of coke.

I spent about 20 mins outside me house like Marie Cassidy searching for the fucking bag with the taxi man shouting, it’s only a bank card I’ll get it leave it.

I didn’t find it…




Jesus I really enjoyed the last couple of hundred posts there, there’s some awful gobshites started posting on here lately by the looks of it @AppleCrumbled gave a vintage display




Ah Jesus. Welcome back. Unreal what a weekend we have on our hands.




Anyone here tried crack cocaine?


On my bucket list


Yes. It does exactly what it says on the tin.


Done a bit of meth back in the day but not crack.