When was the last time you did drugs


A mate of mine did. Are you thinking of having a go off it? I’d say it would agree with you.


You shouldn’t operate a forklift whilst under the influence of drugs


My body is a temple.


You’re dead right.


I don’t think I ever met a forklift driver that wasn’t very obviously stoned,


You never met @Cicero_Dandi


I’m back into cocaine in a big way tonight .


Of a Tuesday :clap:




I was thinking you were lashing out last night a bit


Poor @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac posts in here were Classic efforts.


Is there a weed shortage currently? I cannot get any anywhere. Would take a pm from some limerick poster who could help


Who the fuck when taking drugs decides the best to do right now is to go online and tell a bunch of anonymous weirdos. What the fuck is wrong with you??


He was on drugs!


:smile: :smile: :smile:

Give this man his Nice Post immediately


Most people on drugs are off out enjoying themselves, I’m not sure you get that.


No fear of you ever enjoying yourself, you dreadfully dull fucker.


I don’t come on TFK to post about it while I am enjoying myself, you stupid cunt.


what do you come here for? very few have anything in common with the like of you, you add no value apart from being guffawed at.


What makes a dreary prick like you the arbiter of fun?