When was the last time you did drugs


Why have you appointed me the arbiter of fun?


There used to be the best of it in the evidence lock up in Henry Street but the boys have it all smoked at this stage I’d say,I’ll give a check


What a dull dull quip


if a fella wants to take drugs im very happy to hear about it on here, no body is entitled to decide im not entitled to hear about it.
youd want to be adding a serious bit of value yourself to the forum if you are intent on censoring what others can read.


This thread is specifically about taking drugs. You’d have to imagine lads would occasionally post while on something.


It’s about the only thing I’ve seen on here that’s sadder than live posting a music festival.


It’s all about sex for you lot isn’t it. Maybe keep it to yourself.




I’d consider it sadder that you’ve given the afternoon whinging about a lad posting about drugs on a drugs thread



cos youre a funboy?


If you say so.


lookit you emailed a complaint to your barber, you wanted to ride two american birds in their hotel but you fell asleep after a few glasses of pinot grigio, while you also campaign for the rights of sickos to be allowed turn their little innocent little boys into little girls. this is what you do on the internet.
i think you should lay off the fella taking a few drugs on the internet.


Dear lord, you’ve absolutely destroyed him there. Leave him be, he won’t be the better of that for some time.



Did you ever in your life see a thing like that? He’s finished, it’s over for him now.


yep, its checkmate, Yahtzee and gin to HBV


You’re replying to an account that was set up to follow me around that is agreeing with @HBV.

It’s clear to see who the winners and losers are here.


I wouldnt be so sure. If anyone can take a shot to the face and come up smiling, its Glas.


its all about the context though…