When was the last time you did drugs


youre awful snippy for a man who emails barbers to complain about hair cuts (then again, the barbr may have been awful snippy)


He wasn’t snippy enough in certain patches was the problem.


You had a right bee in your bonnet about me mentioning Linked In on Saturdays or Sundays too.


Was I seething?


When you’re out for a pint would you not position the black and white liquid under optimal light and take a tastefully arty picture of it for the lads here? Weird


Who’d have thought you’d get upset about a load of picks having a go at you from all angles?

It’s a little bit ironic


What are you trying to say here?


You’d usually enjoy some cock having a pop off you.


What’s your obsession with male genitalia?


I’m just referencing a few lads having a go at you.




I’m heading to Limerick the wk end and thinking of breaking out and getting a bag of coke for Saturday. What’s the stuff in patrickswell like @AppleCrumbled?


Sure it’s direct from Colombia! :smiley:


I wouldn’t know what’s it’s like in pwell but I’d say like most rural villages/towns it’s freely available.


Tbf, the best stuff I ever took was from Bolivia in the post to a mate of mine


Would you want it though, pal? Have your few pints & maybe an aul smoke afterwards.


I’m thinking I’m away, deserve it etc…you do speak sense though bud. Ill see how it plays out. Thinking probably I don’t bother and get couple of free lines!



I smoked potent weed there over the Christmas, with a gap of about 5 years since I last had a spliff

I was tripping balls.


Did this place look different?