Where Are They Now?


If you think people might be wondering what some random D-list celeb is up to these days after enjoying their 5 minutes of fame in the past then let us know about them in this thread.

I’ll start:


Pat Sharp


Pat Sharp (born Patrick Sharpin,October 25, 1961 [2]) is a British radio and television presenter and disc jockey, currently presenting “The Big Drive home” on Q103 radio in Cambridge. He also presents a show on Saturday afternoons from 12pm to 3pm to most of the stations on The One Network. In Britain he is known mainly for his work on 1990s children’s television programme Fun House, and his radio shows, while throughout Europe he is known mainly as one of the Sky Channel’s VJs. Among the programmes he presented for Sky was Coca-Cola Eurochart Top 50 and Nescafe UK Top 50. He was awarded the Sony Award in 1992 for best DJ.


Fuck me this is some freaky shit…I was going to start a thread similar enough to this after I saw Michael Ricketts score for Walsall on Goals on Sunday…

What ever happened yourman Dusty Rhodes who used to D.J on 2 F.M…


[quote=“The Puke”]Fuck me this is some freaky shit…I was going to start a thread similar enough to this after I saw Michael Ricketts score for Walsall on Goals on Sunday…

What ever happened yourman Dusty Rhodes who used to D.J on 2 F.M…[/quote]
wasnt he on wcw for a few years?


What’s WCW when it is at home:confused:…


Sounds like some kinda wrestling show.


WCW = World Championship Wrestling


Dusty Rhodes


Virgil Riley Runnels, Jr. (born on October 12, 1945), better known as “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, is a semi-retired American professional wrestler currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He makes occasional on-air appearances on the Raw brand and works as a backstage booker and producer on the ECW brand.

Rhodes is a 3-time NWA World Champion and has also won the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship. He has also won many other championships during his wrestling career. He is a member of the WCW, WWE, and Wrestling Observer Newsletter Halls of Fame.


No that is not the Dusty Rhodes I am on about…He used to host the top 30 hits and a prime time slot on 2fm up to a couple of years ago and next thing he just disappeared off the airwaves


I found him



Dusty Rhodes is a renowned radio DJ, having worked with 2FM, Atlantic 252 and many other radio stations since the 80’s.

In 2002 Dusty saw an opening in the Irish market for a new radio venture and established Digital Audio Productions with a view to developing this business. Since then DAP has successfully created a niche producing high quality syndicated radio programmes.

The quality of the work has been noted at the PPI Radio Awards. In 2004, the Irish language chart show Top 40 Oifigiil na hireann beat national and major regional competition to win the Music Programming Weekly Award. In 2005 DAP was the first independent company to be awarded a nomination for a commercial series on RTE “Net Nanny” which also went on to win accolades at the PPI Radio Awards.

The following year this success was consolidated with a PPI Radio Award win for “CGI: Computers Games Internet” another programme series for national broadcaster RTE. Dusty is currently Vice-Chairman of the Independent Radio Producers of Ireland, lectures for ist, the Irish broadcast training organisation and most recently was named one of the Most Influential People in Irish Radio by leading newspaper the Sunday Tribune.


Really? I actually thought the wrestler and the radio DJ were the same Dusty Rhodes.


well the dj did have a bit of a twang,must have been a neighbour of tonnnnnyyyyyyyy fenton,speaking of neighbours,has anyone noticed “jim daniels”? jason donovans father on neighbours was staring on entourage this year


Surely, it’s Jim Robinson you’re thinking of. Helen Daniels was the mother-in-law, bless her.


got a bit confused there bandage,been a long time since i seen any a that,a few of those neighbours made it to hollywood,guy pearse probaly doin the best outta them,kylies pretty big but more so for music,dont think she got an oscar for mortal combat or anything like that,what bout trevor n simon off goin live r they dead r alive r just on the dole


Simon Young anyone? Where did he disappear to?

Electric Eddie now goes around doing race nights and DJ’ing 21sts and Xmas parties and the like.


Anyone else remember Tatyana M Ali…she was Ashley Banks in the fresh prince of bel air…Had the potential to be a hottie and I believe she released a few songs but haven’t seen or heard her in years…

which is disappointing as I would definately dedicate a wank to her



BenShermin… What ever happened to that dozy cunt??


Either hes on the 78a or down at Dublin Port.


We often ripped the piss out of Warren Barton being Sky’s main La Liga pundit last season, especially how his grasp of basic English wasn’t quite up to scratch.

I was wondering where he’d disappeared to this season and if he’d got sacked but it seems he’s been headhunted by Fox Sports Channel to be one of their main EPL pundits and he’s moved to Los Angeles. He’s also coach of the LA Galaxy Under 18 team.

Fair play to Warren.


John Beresford - former Newcastle left back. Apparently now works for ITV and ESPN



Sky News’ Scott Chisholm, sacked for punching lumps out of a lad on live tv. A great career cut short. Where is he now?


He’s been busy ridin yer Ma.

Denny Crane. Bigger than God.