Where Are They Now?


yeah, true enough. never thought of that.


I heard a runner up from Your a star on Clare Fm last night, the uni-browed James Kilbane:



I don’t know how anyone could trust this man



[quote=“Flano”]CM is really scared shitless by me. Scat trails all over the place.

Scat is a great word.

What ever happened to the Likely Lads?[/quote]

They split up years ago when pete got too big for his boots…

As for being scared of a harold bishop look a like! Good one mongo!


I got a small dose of it last week by my baby toe…Sore as fuck…


The legend that is Apollo Creed(the actor that played him) is in ER tonight, playing a former boxer…Ironic or what


Skippy the Bush Kangaroo



[quote=“Watch The Break”]Skippy the Bush Kangaroo


what about benji zac and the alien prince?,flipper must have been fished out and canned as well


The Littlest Hobo is probably pushing up daisy`s aswell .


showin your age now atticus


I`d say you watched it yourself massey and The Beachcombers too .Cutting edge Canadian TV shows .


no,was more of a streethawk,a-team, mcguyver kind a man meslf,due south wasnt a bad canadian show


What ever happened to ex SSN and Sky Sports man Andy Burton?

He was initially a chief reporter type on SSN and bought into the whole transfer window hype thing about 7/8 years ago. I recall Jim White and him being absolute pains in the hole and Burton had around 6 mobile phones on the desk in front of him in one broadcast. White was giving it…”You won’t believe this but Andy’s just taken a call on one of his phones from Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan and the deal to sign striker Glenn Murray is back on!”

Burton then got a promotion of sorts to sideline reporter on EPL games but he was reprimanded for his part in the Sian Massey affair that time. Before going on air he was chatting down the feed to Richard Keys and Andy Gray and was saying things like…”an absolute joke today gentlemen…we’ve got a bird running the line.” Keysie was seething…”that’s a fucking disgrace. Where does this end? Andy?”

It was the beginning of the end for Gray and Keysie at the time but I think Burton was around for another while before disappearing. He’s probably fronting EPL coverage on some channel in the Middle East or South Africa like the two boys.

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Maybe I should have just googled this.

He’s a “senior recruitment consultant” at Bournemouth and has recently been linked with a move to Dundalk.

Unreal. I might have subconsciously seen/heard something about the latter as his big, annoying head appeared in my mind earlier.


Best place for the bollix, Dundalk


I believe he’s working as a senior recruitment consultant at Bournemouth, mate. Linked to Dundalk recently funnily enough.




You feeling better, bro?


Not 100% yet, pal but getting there.

Thanks for your concern, it means a lot.


I got your back, brah.