Where now for Galway?


They went years without winning a match in Munster at least there is some canon fodder for them in Leinster.

2-7 seriously what the fuck?

Can’t keep blaming the manager either.

The Inky O’Flaherty Cup needs to be revived, the annual joust with Roscommon steel served them well in their preparation for All Ireland Semi Finals over the years.

Joe Canning is a star, but he is looking like a guy whose application sometimes doesn’t match his talents. The rest of the team were simply at sixes and sevens, I would blame management here, there wasn’t a semblance of a game plan from what I saw.

They’re a fucking shambles. Back to the Chritsy Ring with them.

The Arts festival and the races will keep us occupied I suppose… :angry:

Joe Canning needs a boot in the arse. He needs a manager to tell him that he is not bigger than the team and that he has fcuk all done since 2008. I dont know the lad from Adam but i’d say he is a proper cunt at this stage and needs grounding fast or he’ll join the shit heap of so called Galway hurling stars. (Cloonan, Broderick, etc…)

I am seething after yesterday.

Joe lost his mojo with the 2 stone he seems to have shed. Get the lad his Supermacs sponsorship back pronto

Joe is the Paddy McCourt of hurling.

if you have a player as gifted as joe canning you give him the ball as often as possible. just watching the highlights on sunday game and donnellan had a couple of opportunities to play a simple handpass to present canning with a goal opportunity but fluffed it both times. Contrast the performance of donnellan with that of bonnar maher who knows that his role is to win hard ball and lay it off to the scorers.

KP, i think you are very harsh on canning. he nevers seems to give up the ghost and is always hunting players down. All you want from lads is a 100 percent commitment in this regard and i dont think canning can be found wanting in this regard.

Tis obvious you weren’t there
Canning had plenty of chances to take his own scores from play, from frees, and to lay off to team mates. He didn’t and had a bad day out, albeit just after injury.
His chest pumping and goading of the Dublin goalkeeper seemed more important to him than his teammates

no i was not there but watched it in full. canning is a very unselfish player who like noel mcgrath nearly always takes the right option. you cant slate a lad for hitting a wide from a free or from a scorable position from play, im sure he did not do this intentionally. you rarely will see canning go for lotto shots like many other players.

Agree with Arseboxin here. When Joe had a simple chance for a score and hit it wide trying to be flashy, that summed up his evening.

Thrawneen knows the score

Seriously fenway, Galway were a team of individuals last night.

[quote=“Arseboxin, post: 606400”]
Thrawneen knows the score

Seriously fenway, Galway were a team of individuals last night.[/quote]
id agree with this arseboxin. Point again im trying to make is that lads should be playing the ball to joe as often as possible. this was not happening. If i was canning id be pretty pissed off.

Well then you’re not giving Peter Kelly & Liam Rushe the credit they deserve so. They had Joe well marshalled and he had to move out to his own HB line at that stage to get the ball. He got 1 pt there. Dublin backs did a fine job on him
Every prodigy can have an off day. And he did. Sometimes even amazing talent needs help*

  • Supermacs - give Joe a call

absolutely not. they played fantastically well with rushe having the potential to be a real top player.

Funny thing is (and the thing I was most worried about pre-game) is Joe made utter shite of Kelly in the U21 final in 08. 3 goals in 10 mins I think. I was sure Joe would draw off that.

I don’t think Dublin in general are given credit for keeping KK and Galway to fairly low scores by their standards and with their respective talents. It’s all about who KK were missing and how bad Galway were. Nothing to do with the fact that maybe, just maybe Dublin actually did a good fucking job on the knuckle draggin cunts

i may well be guilty of this.


Compare the teams. The sheer unity of the Dublin team is something to behold. Every man plays for each other, backing up the man in possession and working to retrieve the ball when without it. Daly has instilled a special work ethic. The relentlessness of Dublin’s recent performances is reminiscent of Clare in the 90s.

I thought Galway would get their act together for last night but they failed miserably. They were like some of the teams in the World Cup, the likes of France. No spirit, nothing. Even for the first goal Canning was effectively handed it by Brady breaking down. They might have better individual players (although on last night’s eveidence its arguable as Rushe, Kelly, Gough, Ryan etc are growing with every match and older players like Keaney and Dotsy are fulfilling their long-held potential) but when a team is playing as individuals you haven’t a hope. They were lucky to get within six of Dublin. There will need to be ructions in the camp if they’re to get anything out the season.

Appreciate the magnanimity mate