Who Are Your Favourite Players?

Players emerge, retire, lose form, become superstars, move to different teams in certain sports and so on. All or some of that can impact on whether your favourite players evolve over time.

So I pose the question; who are your current favourite players and why?

Feel free to mention players in any sport, using my ‘Not A Sport’ thread as a reference tool for legitimate sports to discuss.

Mentioned it on the November Internationals thread at the weekend, there isn’t a better Rugby player to watch at the moment than Quade Cooper, class act…


Great call on Cooper, an astonishing talent, even if he does do spinning.

Few to qualify for this, but gonna throw out Craig Bellamy first, I hope you dont mind Bandage?



Avoiding Irish and Celtic players:

Rugby league

Benji Marshall:

2 passes from last weekend

Some older stuff

American Fooball


Association Football

Nuri Sahin. A magnificent passer of a football


Javier Zanetti.

This clip doesnt really show much as Zanetti wouldn’t be known to be the most skillful player.

But for sheer consistency at the very top level, across so many different positions, and his charity work in Argentina, he is simply a legend.


Don’t you dare forget his work with the Zapatistas.

Dale Steyn. Easily the best fast bowler of the last 10 years. Few things in sport please me more than the sight of a genuine fast bowler terrorising batsmen.


[font=“Arial Black”][size=“7”]JOHN PLAYERS[/size][/font].please

FFS… two Rugby cunts and a cricketer :rolleyes:

Etxeberria was always a player I admired.

Outstanding :clap:

My current favourite would be an unusual one but i’m a big fan of Dream Walker, i can’t even put my finger on the reason for it. Looking forward to seeing him in the Leger next month all going well.

Colt McCoy


I would also include this lad in my favouite players of all time.

Luis Enrique Martínez García

Could play anywhere - saw him do a job on Ryan Giggs at right back in the CL one season. He was also top scorer for Barcelona one season I believe playing in a lone striker role. Technically excellent - just always liked him as a player.

Ha, how I laughed when Tassotti mashed his nose!




Because he plays as though he’s in the school yard. And isn’t his brother.

The best striker I have ever seen.



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