Who picks the team?

Bit of a genearl question this but wondering across sports who decides on the composition of the playing squad in general. I read 'Arry in the paper today suggesting that in future managers will become coaches to a greater extent and they may still pick the starting XI but the squad will be assembled by the moneymen.

Seems ludicrous when you look at it like that but I was wondering is that how NFL and NBA etc operate - does the head coach get to choose the draft picks etc. or is there a GM figure who looks after recruitment as a longer term project and the head coach is merely a strategist.

Rugby and gaelic games are moving towards vesting more power in one individual but it’s causing problems - Woodward and O’Sullivan in rugby are two guys that got ahead of themselves really in terms of trying to be in control of everything and they ended up neglecting their coaching to a large extent.

based on quotes from Kia Jorabchin this morning it looks like he picks the team at Upton Road…this is a fooooooookin disgrace, why is anyone giving this slimy coont the oxygen of publicity, why does he have the west ham boards ear?


Why would anyone let that prick get involved in their club? He’s everything that is wrong with the game and all he’s interested in is making money for himself. It actually makes me pissed off to think that cunts like that are ruling football.

Jooarabchian is indeed a cunt, but fair play to him, he’s making a fucking fortune out of idiotic Football Boards. Talk about easy money and making a job for yourself that never exisited before?! The guys a cunting genius.

In NFL, the head coach gets the majority say, but has to be backed by the ‘front office’. In New England, its still Belicheck who picks, and he gets support regardless, as he’s proven track record. Used to be Belicheck, Scott Pioli and the owner Robert Kraft who’d do the sorting out, but Kraft generally doesnt put much say into it. Thing about NFL tho is the amount of specific coaches they have, and that the head coach is the assembly man who has them playing to his style.

I think coaches need to have a say tho in picking sides. They are the lads that see the day to day action and know what way a player is going. For our side at home, we have a coach, and he doesnt get a say. Manager is there, and he has 3/4 selectors, but basically its the manager on his own picking the team, and its his mates who will get a nod over others in the sterotypical selection process of a local club which happens everywhere.

Ownership of players is not as uncommon as you may think.

Harry Redknapp also owns the rights to a lot of African Players, hence Portsmouths pre season tour and the high influx of African players in the squad. Its ilegal to own the rights to someone, but in football anything goes.
Mr Redknapp is not unaccustom to a back hander, neither is Peter Storrie or Willie McKay.

Mr Ferguson was also accustom to the back handers, hence the court case over Rock of Gib…it wasn’t all to do with a horse.
Blatter is a corrupt **** as well.