Who was protecting Jimmy Saville

  1. Johnny Vegas - fat, sloppy mess, can see why he’d have to get handsy

  2. No fucking idea as that is ridiculously cryptic!

Russel Brand

Shur we’ve all been in the oul sex therapy, no?

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Did you hear the rumour about him or figure it from his very shit clue?

Not a brothel

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Jack Russel…and he’s a deviant

Betting Bbc GIF

I get that now. Would have got nowhere near it with his clue

I don’t know what the las vegas bit is

Johnny Vegas

Poor oul @Rocko’s lawyers will have no chance with ye

This time next year we’ll be in jail rodders…

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Fuck me, I won’t be inviting you to a table quiz anytime soon !!

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If we were on a tablequiz together, I’d expect you to give me the answers to questions not cryptic clues to the answers!?

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Was Vegas married to the one from Dragons Den, Maya Dunphy?

In a situation like this yer one needs to put up or shut up, this sort of thing potentially blackens a lot of people

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He was.

In fairness he was punching when he was married to Maia Dunphy there for a while. He was definitely the reacher in that relationship.