Who'd win a fight between Roy Walker and Bob Holness?



Rules are:

  • There are no rules.

Are either of these two blokes still alive?

Neither of them will ever die.*

  • Both, one, or none of the gentlemen may in fact be dead.

Roy Walker would win it hands down…He would just beat what he sees…

Fucking great little quiz catchphrase was…Bring back Mr Chip

throw jim bowen in there ad you could have a cage match,no escape


Glorious… :smiley:

[quote=“The Runt”]http://www.flumps.org/funny/catchphrase/images/holdingdownajob.jpg[/quote]:Dfilthy mind runt




Catchphrase was cracking tv. I wonder will we ever see it again?

They had it on a few years ago with some no mark doing it and it wasn’t the same…Roy Walker is a legend, great to see him in Phoenix nights and the Churchill ads…Gas man

“It’s good but it’s not right…I ordered a corma”:slight_smile:

Say what you see.

Roy Walker is good friends with famed English pornographer Ben Dover. And Mr. Chips would probably hop in for him, so I’m voting for him.

Hard to see past Roy Walker as Bob not around anymore.