Why does mickey harte

continually pimp his daughter to us?

would you care to elaborate…andwhat do you mean by us…the members of this forum, the general public, you and your league of ireland soccerhead buddies?

general public- he is being interviewed on the late late & for some reason his munter daughter is being interviewed as well - whathas she ever done that she is up there too

fter turning on the late late and she is far from a munter…

horses for courses i suppose puke - why is she on it though?

don’t know ncc only turned in on for 30 seconds to get a gander…

This very debate was argued vociferously on the GAA Board some years back. You might be interested to know that Michaela was on the Rose of Tralee some years back. Personally I’d rate her no more than a 6.5/10. Great hair, average face.

As the father of an equally lovely daughter (32 ), I fear our NCC friend is unable to grasp the familial bonds that exist within close family structurers. While I have no national claim to fame, nor does my daughter, we are eternally supportive of each other, and if Mikaela Harte can contribute to Tyrones success, in some media deflective way, then I, as as father say, “Go on ya Girl ya”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh this clears it up.

And there was me wondering why the fuck was mickey joe harte on the late late.


Ah fuck it, she’s a disgrace, what right had she got to eb on there? What a bullshit artist.

Saying that, I’d say a few of the Tyrone boysd have made runs at that in the day.

You wouldnt be hanging around for the breakfast table in teh morning though.