Woeful Journalism


Jesus, @Sidney wouldn’t come out with that tripe


One of the comments underneath it from another supposed journalist, showing off her vast knowledge of the industry. An awful over-site indeed, they don’t know what the adds or story’s are going to be.


Leslie Murphy seems semi-literate at best.



Tony “the larcenous nature of death” Leen bemoaning the lack of engagement with and love for The Examiner’s sport coverage mere days after presiding over the above shambles. You literally couldn’t make it up.


You were supposed to flag it for his attention were you not?


How can they claim Wigan beat the COTY when @Sidney hasn’t even conducted the poll yet?


Has he a problem with people wanting to stay abreast of trending stories?


He’s bemoaning the fact that his website looked for clicks, and their clickbait story got it. Weird.


Last weekend was a relatively low key weekend for sport , no 6 Nations , no EPL , only league spud hockey and a few cancelled league bogball games re-fixed .

Next weekend will be grand .


In fairness, she has a fine ass



Fucking awful nose.


The LOI started mate


Cult following . Not clickbait .


Goes on about Waterford being doomed because of league form but that they are clearly in heavy training.
Then goes on to say the game between Tipp and KK. Doesn’t matter a fuck cos it’s league.

And loads of worn out aged phrases


He probably didn’t even write it, a lot of em just give a few quotes to a journo who writes a column under their name


The journalist Enda McEvoy wrote it. His byline is at the top of the article!


Gaa man makes money from spoofing. Shocker @caoimhaoin, huh.


This is a hoax, yet they seem to even have managed to get a quote from the Gardai on it.


The ould lad got this message the other day and started ringing his cronies in a fluster :rollseyes: