Woman admits to making up rape allegation

She should face some sort of sanction. Maybe then more of the truth will come out. FFS like, that fella’s life has been ruined, that tag sticks in many people’s mind regardless.

Whatever about her, it’s the people who put her up to that should be sent down. What an utterly despicable thing to do, not to mention the extent to which it threatens the safety of children in our society due to the inevitable shadow of doubt that will be cast over similar future allegations. The fact that the state prosecution swallowed the story hook, line, and sinker makes it embarrassing for them to do anything though. Your man would need to press charges and to be honsest I’m sure he just wants to forget about the whole thing.

I’d agree with you, that’s why I’m saying she should be leaned on, maybe more dirt will come out in the wash.
As for yer man, yea definitely I’d be for getting out of the country and forgeting about the whole thing. It would be all the nicer with a wad as an apology from the state though.

[quote=“The Runt”]Do you think the fact that he only got a suspended sentence initially meant the judge may have had doubts in his own head as to the veracity of the claims?

Of course if artfoley had his way this fella would long since have been castrated.

I doubt the girl will face any punishment either seeing how she was 10 at the time she made the claims. Although you’d wonder how a 10 year old could come up with enough information to make up a claim like that.[/quote]

this was not a summary trial (judge only) this was a trial by jury and whatever about what has come to light yerman was convicted by a jury of his peers.

from my understanding of the case, it was indecent assault assault which can range from fondling to fingering and in that respect there would be very little physical evidence and therefore a child shrink would be brought in to provide veracity as to the child’s claims, which makes bullshit of the claim that no-one in the family coached her and that she did it of her own volition.

the other side of this is that yerman has been given a wrongful conviction cert which enables him to take a claim against the state but the organs of the state were found to be blameless in this case so why should we be footing the bill when yerwan’s family is behind this ?

Which is worse: rape or falsely accusing someone of rape (in a believable way that ends up in a conviction)?

If you get raped, it’s probably pretty horrible but at least you’ll have people to support you after it. Everyone would help you get your life back on track. If you get convicted of rape, it’d be horrible and very few if anybody would stick by you. Most people would try prevent you from getting your life back on track.