Women are cruel

Tiger battles sex addiction, selflessly brings happiness to other womens living in the US, some of whom were only waitresses and really had nothing else in life to look forward to.
When M.Mathers was taking over the traditional safe haven of black music, Tiger came in and stole the show for the last 15 years from the whities, showing everyone the world over what was possible if you just put your mind to it, and have parents that make you golf 24 7 from the age of 2.
After being assaulted in his car with his own golf club the guy tries to apologise for his actions and get help and get councelling.
He goes on TV and apologises to the world, letting us all know that even though he is human, he should still not have done what he did.
He goes back to Rehab, he wants to play for his country and still be a beacon of hope.
After all that, she still won’t take him back.

With all that he did, she undid in that one move, showing the world that even if someone makes a mistake or 107 of them then you should not forgive and instead break a vow to God.
For Shame.

Yours in forgiving the little rogue,

Black mans kryptonite.

double post.