Women's World Cup Final

Is a nutmeg a rape in women’s football?

Their Wikipedia denies any affiliation by all accounts

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They might be related to Tony Cascarino but nobody knows, although they are often asked if they are.[10]

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Unreal choice of tune.

Donald’s Babes march on.

Yer one doing co-commentary on RTE here reminds me of somebody they might have on for sailing during the Olympics or something

We have our box office semi-final



There hasn’t been a team playing in defiance of their country’s kleptocratic junta at a World Cup like this since Argentina in 1978

Alex Scott is a really nice young lady.

Hope Solo’s analysis is box office

She fucking hates Alex Morgan

What’s the beef there?

I don’t know what started it but I think Hope has a bit of a “complicated” personality

I think she’s great

She put some noses out of joint when she swanned into the RTE studio this time last year and behaved as if she owned the place

Maloney, Sadlier and Keith Andrews were visibly uncomfortable with her presence, just as well for them RTE had them behind a desk

It was tremendous fun to watch

If Didi was there he wouldn’t have tolerated it.

That was typical misogynist behaviour from a former Manchester City player

More shame for them, the misogynism is bred into them at that club

Hope is the type that would have decked him if he’d tried anything

I thought Hope was an awful disappointment on RTE .

She was a big improvement on Gilesy anyway

She was dreadful.

I’d say the sexual tension when Hope Solo walks into a room is palpable

She’s got it

Who is TFK supporting in the USA v England semi-final? England probably?

I’m supporting the USA because Trump wants them to lose.

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Rapinoe out of the starting line up for team USA.
No comment from the team spokesman!