I know that there are a few members of the site who have, in an earlier life, been employed in my current place of work. I would like to ask them have they ever had days where they actually cannot tolerate another minute of it and if so how did they stick it out?

You don’t have any choice but to stick it out!!


Farmer - you are a creep. You actually like the job, you like your group, you like your clients. And that my friend is a fact. As far as I know you are due to leave this autumn - I guarantee you that you will be emotional when you leave. I, on the other hand, am a ruthless b*stard and do not give a sh!t about the place and am very much looking forward to leaving.

BT I was one of ye. I had mates in the place but I disliked the job intensely. Working there should be seen as a chore. Don’t pretend to enjoy it or like it - it only encourages the bastards. Tough it out, enjoy the liberal Internet access and leave when you can.

Very much agree with you there rock. I’m not one for putting on a face. It’s a pile of shi’it and I can’t wait to leave. One small point though; recently I’ve kinda thought about what kind of effect my negativity has on others. Accordingly I’m trying to be a wee bit more positive but sometimes it’s really tough.

I don’t think that it is possible to cram as many lies into one paragraph but you managed it BT. Anyone who works here will know that it is you that love all things about it. I have to say that some jobs in here are ok but the majority are terrible. I am in on a Sunday because some fucker waited two weeks before he gave us any information. And who will get the shit when the job goes belly up? Me

On Friday I got a bollocking off the partner for a job going way over budget. It is a load of shit. That said I have had the craic in here - maybe too much…

Farmer, I am risking revealing my identity now but if anyone has read between the lines above they will know that we share the same employer. I’m willing to agree with you that the work itself is indeed is a pile of sh!te, however, you cannot disagree with me when I say that at least 65-75% of the overtime involved in our line of work is due to our own laziness. If we are given 4 weeks for a job we p!ss about for the first two then bust our balls cos some manager is looking for a file. Also Farmer, you have to agree that there aren’t many other working environments where one can get away midweek boozing so easily. Throw in the fact that 80% of the staff are in the same age bracket and it’s not that bad a place of employment. Now don’t get me wrong I will leave shortly after my contract expires but it aint all that bad Farmer. Lets face it - about 1% of the population actually enjoy their jobs, for the rest of us it’s just tough sh!t.

By the way - nobody should take the above to mean that I like my job, I f**king hate it.

I used to think about the negativity thing. I’d be inching down towards the end of a contract and then there would be some poor fooker just starting and not knowing what he’s got himself into so I always tried to be positive. Indeed I made a ‘Positivity is the way for me’ sticker. Though I possibly wasted too much energy trying to project a positive image rather than simply getting down and doing the monotonous work in the end.

There were days walking into work when I was fooking raging at the prospect of arriving at my work location. That was when it was important to have a good playlist on your mp3 that morning.

Internet access.
Midweek drinking.
Age profile of colleagues.

Banal work.
Self important and pompous superiors.
Unrealistic timelines.

For me the biggest negative wasn’t the timelines as much but all the crap they used to say about the budget for the job.

It didn’t bother me if a job came in on budget or not. The whole place is a money-making machine, they pay the trainees a pittance and expect them to care about the margin some millionaire is creaming off the top. They’ll screw the clients for any overruns anyway so it’s all bullshit.