Working Hours

What are people’s working hours like? Would they change them if they could?

I have a 9.00am to 5.30pm job which does not generally involve overtime except on occassions such as the present one where I am out of the office. As a result I find myself drifting off at this time of the evening.

My old job was a nightmare whereby you could find yourself working 6 days out of the 7 until from 9am until as late as 11.00pm on some occassions due to the unrealistic deadlines imposed on you.

I have to say that I would rather start earlier in the morning and finish earlier in the evening - 8.00am to 4.30pm would be grand. The thing is that I bloody started at 8am this morning and if I had a job like that I would be bloody finished by now…

Farmer, you were nearly sacked from your old job for skiving off on the internet so don’t come along pretending you were a victim of harshly imposed and unrealistic deadlines.

Our official day is from 9.15am to 5.30pm - I’m generally in here between those hours only (give or take 10 or 15 minutes) and then toddle off home in time for my favourite Australian-based drama.

[quote=“Bandage”]Farmer, you were nearly sacked from your old job for skiving off on the internet so don’t come along pretending you were a victim of harshly imposed and unrealistic deadlines.


Talk about overstating…

I wasn’t nearly sacked. There was no mention of me ever being sacked or anything of the sort. Unlike you who got an official warning in some job according to one of your mates…

Or maybe that was the one where you quit before you bummed around for six months claiming social welfare…

Please see ‘who’s the easiest to wind up?’ thread.

Farmer, you’re so easy to wind up as opposed to your aunty who’s just easy.

What a load of me cock…

If you are going to have a pop then I will have a pop back - that’s how it works. You can’t shy away with that line ‘you are so easily to wind-up’ which you use on many, many occasions…

Farmer, you walked right into…again.

Anyone that works a 9-5 Monday to Friday is lucky. My hours now are from 8-6 or 2-12 and I work most weekends. They used to be 8 hour shifts but now they are 10 hour shifts as the department Im in cant keep staff so I now work a 4 day week. You dont always get 3 days off in a row but on a weekend off you could now I suppose get 6 days off in a row if you got the option of taking the 3 days off from the following week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Start at 9 and supposed to finish at 5.30pm but normally later. Can generally finish on time outside of October - March of you put in a decent days work. Normally end up staying later though as I have a terrible attention span.

Would love a job starting at 8am and finishing at 4.30pm everyday, with no overtime.

Job? I remember that concept…

Sadly My current spell of adventuring is drawing to a close so I’ve had to line up some work for my return to the fair Isle. It’s Euro 2008 though so I’ll be working 10am-2pm only so as not to miss matches.

Have you something different lined up or are you waitressing again?

Start between 7-7:30am at home. Go through emails and set out the calender for the day. Drop B&J off at the creche and I’m into work for around 9:15, getting in the all important first 10 mins or so of the Ray D’Arcy show. Finish up between 4:30 and 5pm, home for 45mins after I finish up due to 10 min delay at the tunnel. Life in Cork is good!

I’m a year in my current job now. Start at 8.30. During Winter and Early Spring I finish up at 5 and I get home at about 5:40. During the Summer and Autumn when I’m hooring busy I could be in at 8 and finish up at 8:30/9 that night, working through lunch. Get paid overtime so it eases it a bit. Had to give up playing hurling in Dublin though.

I start between 9 and half 9 and leave at random times. Earliest would be 5 but that’s rare, more common is 5:55 (for the Home and Away Express DART). Sometimes work longer when it’s near year-end or half year or something but trying to smoothe that out a bit and it’s never utterly unavoidable.

I generally start from anytime from 7 - 9 and obviously finish up anytime between 3 - 5. I try to get in for 7 but very rarely make it in that early.

Do you find people more generous at that time with their money? I mean I never like a beggar with a cup in my face at any time but are there times when people are more tolerable?

You should ‘work’ nights - I would assume people would be more likely to give your likes money when they are locked…

Not the waitressing, the skirt doesn’t fit anymore. Besides It’d clash with football. Doing the vo/s.

Nice to see you’re a tolerant sympathetic gent Farmer, with time for those down on their luck.
And don’t knock the begging Farmer. It’s not a bad career. Remember that Pole outside the Church in Sligo who had 30 grand?

Did anyone see the Roma gypsies on Prime Time last night. Fooking arseholes. “We all went to our own places… to beg”
Generally I don’t acknowledge these fooks at all but I remember one time one of them grabbed my mate by the arm. He had to go to James’ for a tetanus shot.