Working nights

Anyone here any experience of working nights and if so would they recommend it, Rintintin etc? An opportunity has come up at work where i can work nights, it would mean better pay and a one week on, one week off arrangement but i can’t decide whether to go for it or not. I know the work is harder at night too in my job as the staffing levels are light and the lads that do it have a nightmare week of it usually…

what kind of warehousing is it?

Will you be picking or packing?

Do you have to accompany the women out to social events or is it just a matter of calling over to service them?

I worked nights in an old job before. A pain in the sack, used to fuck up my whole system. Couldn’t eat or sleep right at all during the week. I had to black out the windows for any bit of sleep.

I don’t work in a warehouse, i work in a hugely successful and wealthy business in an office.

Week on, week off. Not bad really, it seems the French unions are as strong as ever. Best of luck whatever you decide mate. Only time I worked nights was in Supermacs and it sucked. It sucked during the day too though.

Don’t work nights Dunph, it’ll fuck you up and no extra money is worth it. I did it for 3 years and am on an evening shift at the moment. Nights is a cunt and you’ll be bolloxed and good for nothing on your days off. Give it a wide berth if you have a choice in the matter.

Appreciate the advice. TBH i’m leaning towards sticking with days but another advantage to me working nights would be going home way more often…

Can you do it for a limited time Dunph? Maybe a couple of months and then go back to days? That might be the way to go.

My Mrs is a nurse as are most of her mates. Thankfully she hasn’t had to work nights for a few years now. I think it genuinely drives people half crazy. Really fucks up your body clock. Not natural trying to sleep during the day, and will take two or three days of your week off before your fit for anything.

I think if you ask any nurses they would tell you steer well clear.

Assume it would be high pressure stuff too Dunph? Can only imagine thy need you on nights to trade the Australian commodities market or something?

A couple of things first Dunph.

  1. 8or12 hr shifts?
  2. How many nights a week?
  3. What is the shift premium %?
  4. Do you get a full week off for every week on?

Disappointed to hear that you didn’t marry that bird you shagged in the safe

How long do you plan on staying in Paris Dunph? Could this be a one year thing where you make a few bob and extra and then move on?

My father worked nights non stop for about twenty years.

He must have been tired after that.



Apparently straight nights aren’t nearly as bad for you as swing shift.


[quote=“Flano, post: 662105”]

He must have been tired after that.[/quote]


Dunph, how many people will be working the night shift with you? Any attractive ladies among them?