World Cup Qualifying Playoffs

So the second placed teams are:

Group One
Portugal or Sweden (a win at home against Malta is enough for Portugal)

Group Two
Greece or Switzerland or Israel (highly likely to be Greece with Swiss winning group)

Group Three
Slovenia or Slovakia (Slovenia will beat San Marino away, meaning that Slovakia have to win in Poland to avoid the playoffs)

Group Four

Group Five

Group Six
Ukraine or Croatia (Ukraine just need to win in Andorra to get the playoff spot)

Group Seven

Group Eight

Group Nine
Norway (almost definitely out barring a miracle)

Only Greece/Switzerland and Slovenia/Slovakia are doubtful but the first team will be seeded and the second team not, irrespective of results.

So the seedings draw will be:

  1. Russia

  2. France

  3. Greece or Switzerland

  4. Portugal

  5. Ukraine

  6. Ireland

  7. Bosnia

  8. Slovenia or Slovakia

Could be worse to be honest, would want to avoid Portugal out of that list. They all have better squads than us but we’re playing well in our limited style.

Russia would be the one to avoid. I think any of the other 3 teams we would have a chance but Trap would have to stop playing Kilbane.

France, Russia and Portugal all have quality players in their squads. Seedings really do make a serious difference. Draw is Monday week

So is it over two legs? And when would it be played?

Yes, two legs to be played in November.

Cheers, hope we get Portugal

Ronaldo’s out for a month with an ankle injury but not sure what dates the play off games are fixed for.

Think its November 14th and 18th. Sheasey will have Ronaldos number so thats a relief :thumbsup: