Would a case of the sniffles stop you drinikng for the weekend?

After Pukes post in the Getting pissed thread, I was just wondering.

MEh, tough training sessions Tuesday and Thursday night, soccer macth wednesday night(had to play last half an hour with 9 men), tired today and by chest is in bits…bit more than the sniffles I think

How did the soccer go ? who were ye playing? some towny cunts?

Yes, unless the occasion demands it. I tried to drink and smoke away the early stages of a sore throat the night Meath hockeyed Dublin and Argentina beat Mexico. I paid dearly for it over the next few days.

Drew 2-2 with Avenue, the townie cunts, first game of the season there Wednesday night…We were poor enough, they were even worse, our discipline costing us again…Yerrah it will be the usual midtable finish in the premier again I’d say, then come next April we willall be giving out we could have won the fucking thing if we trained

Ah sounds a lot like ourselves :smiley:

What position do you play for the soccer Puke?