Would you bang Sarah Palin?


Ya i`d bang the auld right wing mingebag , probably be a right goer .

without doubt.

Yes. And I’d boast about it.

Assuming Mrs Long gave me a 10 minute pass, then yes I would. Twice.



Yes :clap:

Tipptops** have you been following Katona’s resurgence?

Yes its magnificent.

Nobody could have predicted it. Some Lads had her down for the sluice but I knew our girl wud pull through.

All Hail the Queen of Iceland.

Credit where its due, she’s barely held together I’d imagine, but its an impressive illusion given the state of her normally.

Getting back to Palin, on the basis of that picture yes, but I’ve seen her looking very bet down too. Still might.

Now bigger than American rugby football


Stupid post.