Would You 'blow the legs' Off An Intruder?

I look forward to the comments of the usual hard men…

Cllr Padraig Conneely said he believed the current spate of robberies would result in a death because people were being terrorised in their own homes. And he warned that in similar circumstances he would pull the trigger. “I believe one body laid out on a slab after a robbery would put an end to robberies in the area pretty lively,” he added. …He does not own a firearm but insisted if he had, he would have no issue about using it in such circumstances. "If you were to come home and find people in your house ransacking it, you have to think what state of mind would that leave you in? “I think I’d have pulled the trigger and blew the legs off them if I had found them,” he said.
Garda Superintendent Marie Skehill responded to Mr Conneely’s comments, saying: “I’m glad, chairman, you don’t have a firearm.”
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Depends. Is the intruder a traveller?

I would if I had a gun but I don’t so I won’t. I did kick the heart and soul out of a lad who I caught trying to rob my housemate’s bike from our back garden when I was in college but I was pissed out of my head at the time.


You need a new script.

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You need a new script.[/quote]
Answer the fucking question.

If i came home and found this fucker in my bins, i would blow more than his legs off. :shakefist:

Actually, i take that back.

Take the eyes & mouth off Oscar & he looks like something i could smoke for a few months. :strokechin:

:guns: :guns: :guns: :guns: all over the jaysus place

If I had a gun, yes. A hurley will have to do for the time being

I’d break his legs with a baseball bat.

+1. If I had a gun then I’d have no qualms about using it.

I think that is the route I would go down as I don’t see myself ever owning a gun, nor do I think I could pull the trigger unless I was struggling for my life.

I’d have no qualms about using what ever weapon I had to hand to defend my property.

strange comment …so a person is a hard man if he takes a hurl or a hatchet or whatever to a stranger who has broke into his home where his wife and kids are??..


an ASP is your only man


The Runt puts on his ‘prepare to meet thy maker’ face.


No- fellas like mbb I was referring to, talking trash talk.