Wrestling Update

So it’s safe to jeer the fook out of him in this thread as he won’t be online for a week.

We were talking about Monday’s opening round astro fixture at lunchtime today:-
the bhoy: 'When you see Farmer’s lack of co-ordination on a football pitch, it makes you admire Peter Crouch even more.
Rocko: ‘Yeah, but have you seen Peter Crouch auditing?’
the bhoy: ‘Good point. I bet he’s all arms and legs.’

Cue 5 minutes spent making quips about Farmer’s height and looking down on The Empire State Building etc.

You see, Farmer’s very tall.

What height is he?

You know the spire on O’Connell Street? About 1/3 the height of that.

so why didn’t they stick him on o connel street. cheaper option.

picture of him in his ‘auditing gear’…


(he has no chnace with the bird either)

jaysus if he is hung in proportion to the rest of his body you would think that they would lining up for him…

edit: that was a bit of a waste for my 2,000th post…

Not even a pretty face…

Farmer scored a really tiny little bird one night. One of the lads who was out said it was comedy gold watching him lean down as yer wan was stood on her tippy toes trying to reach up to him. Like ‘a giraffe going down for a drink of water,’ he said, and he managed to get a photo on his camera phone:


lay off him

I’m off to Italy for the week so you can take the piss out of me too if you like, but then Farmer is such an easy target: literally, the height of that mutha!

whereabouts in italy locke -

Italy is without doubt my favorite county in the world . will you be catching a match

I heard the Farmer brothers were out in the Playwright last night.

[quote=“north county corncrake”]whereabouts in italy locke -

Italy is without doubt my favorite county in the world . will you be catching a match[/quote]

Wedding down in Santa Maria, further on south of Sorrento. Northsider wedding, really looking forward to it.

was in paestum last year- id say its near enough to there- pompei & the amalfi would be worth seeing if you want to get away from the drinking

wasnt overly impressed with Naples though
it should still be hot ,hope it doesnt rain though

try & get a napoli game

Thats the same Napoli whose fans who are banned form travelling to away games due to their shocking conduct in recent games?

go to the island of capri for the day…stunning spot…

in recent games?? or in the termini in rome & on the train for the roma game, the ultras wrecked a train big deal - i posted the clip here

I’m changing the name of this thread to a topic that won’t interest Farmer. Hence, he won’t have reason to open the thread and then we can continue to make fun of him indefinitely on it and he’ll remain oblivious to it.

i like your style…i wasn’t going to open it myself for a moment when i saw the name…

Brilliant. I hadn’t clicked on it at all, then saw Puke had replied and thought to myself - I didn’t know he liked wrestling I’ll see what all the fuss is about.