WWE Backlash

Just saw the quote from Mourinho there when asked what he would do if Chelsea failed to makes the semis of the CL:

‘I will go to the wrestling at Earls Court with my children.’

Always thought he was an idiot but he’s gone right up in my estimation after that.

Backlash is on Sunday night/Monday morning at 1am on 29th/30th April.

The match ups were announced on Raw last night and it’s gonna be off the chain.

Bobby Lashley is defending against Umaga and the 2 McMahons!

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch are challenging The Hardys for the Tag Team title.

But best of all the WWE Championship is on the line when John Cena defends against 3 other men! Yes, Randy Orton, Edge and Shawn Michaels are all involved with The Champ in a quadruple threat match.

I simply cannot wait.

The countdown to Backlash is really building up steam. It’s the first time Backlash is tri-branded so there’s also going to be Smackdown and ECW superstars as well as Raw at the event.

As well as the 3 bouts already mentioned Batista and Undertaker are having a Wrestlemania re-match in last match standing fight. I have a sneaky suspicion this’ll be an absolute war and Kennedy might come in and use his Money In The Bank shot and asked to fight the winner for the title straight after this match up.

I believe MVP is also taking on Chris Benoit again for the US Championship so that’s only 5 confirmed matches so far - I’m gonna watch Raw later on tonight on Sky where we’ll find out more.

Question for you Bandage.

Where is RVD these days, he is the best in the business(and of all time) as far as I’m concerned. Is he injured or are they wasting him?

RVD is indeed a legend. I love watching the 5 star frog splash and rolling thunder. He plies his trade in the backwater of ECW these days and is leader of the ECW Originals. These are a group of 4 wrestlers, the others being Sabu, Sandman and Tommy Dreamer and they’ve developed a fued with The New Breed. The NB are a set of brash young pretenders led by Elijah Burke and also includes Marcus Cor Von, Kevin Thorne and Matt Striker.

Mr McMahon bought out the guy that previously owned ECW and has stated that he sees it merely as a breeding ground for young wrestlers who need to prove themselves capable of appearing on Raw or Smackdown so it’s a big comedown for RVD who was WWE Champion a few years back. I think his ‘demotion’ to ECW may have something to do with himself and Sabu being involved in a steroids incident.

Cracking wrestling tonight. Raw was in Milan this week and a guy from the crowd, Santino Marella, is the new Intercontinental Champion after defeating Umaga. Quality scenes.

Cena beat Edge and Orton in a handicap match. Edge went to spear Cena who stepped aside and the Rated R Superstar ploughed into Orton! Then HBK came in and went to give Sweet Chin Music to Cena who ducked and Michaels’ boot nearly took Edge’s head off. Cena then grabbed HBK and FU’d him before pinning Edge! Awesome.

RVD v Jerry Lynn back in the proper days of ECW were probably the best matches ive ever seen. The matches between them at Living Dangerously 99 and Hardcore Heaven 99 showed how good wrestling matches could be. Exceptional stuff

Got the three disc Dx Dvd. Couldnt resist hbk and hunters impression of the mcmahons. ;D

Found myself watching TNA Lockdown last night, fantastic stuff.
The main event featured TEAM ANGLE (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Rhino, Sting, Jeff Jarrett)
TEAM CAGE(Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Abyss & Tomko)

here’s the moment that was pretty much expected from the off:


An here’s a little recap video of the main event:
[size=1]NB Previous video I had here was from 2006. apologies[/size]

Sorry about the quality


That such a suck up ending. Oh you pin him for the title shot. ::o

And it wasnt that great. Would Mick foley have a group of people catch him. No fookin way. :smoke:

Mick Foley wouldnt splatter himself on the floor from that height either.

Emm the match against the Undertaker hell in a cell Im sure he did. ;D

Nah he went through a table in that one, it wasn’t straight onto the floor.

More impressive though. :o

Raw is coming from Earl’s Court, London tonight. Shame they’re not showing it live on Sky. It’s being shown deferred in the US at 9pm and Sky are taking that feed so I’ll have to stay up to watch it at 2am. Should a good one with Cena taking on Michaels. They said on the snooker that Jimmy White’s not doing punditry today as he’s gone down to it.

Is Mr Moaninho going? Heard he a fan. Oh for Hbk to Superkick the smug bastard. ;D

Shane McMahon challenged anyone in the crowd to a night. He called out Mourinho who was sitting at the front but Jose didn’t budge! The crowd booed the fook out of him. Then Shano Mac, The Chairman and Umaga beat the crap out of some randomer from Liverpool called ‘Robbie Brookside’. Quality stuff.

Jose the coward. If he is special he would have took the challenge. ;D I need to see this.

PHENOMENAL main event last night between Michaels and Cena. When HBK came striding out to the ring at 3am I thought there must be some mistake. How could the bout possibly be expected to last an hour? It was almost as if it was scripted…

Anyway, it was some match. I counted 6 ad breaks between 3am and the finish at 4.05am. Every single time they returned to the action either one or the other or both was laid out. There was some fantastic manoeuvres executed beautifully from neckbreakers to fisherman’s suplexes to snap mares to spine busters to facebreakers to Irish whips sending Michaels over the top turnbuckle and outside the ring to ddts and more. There was announce tables, ring poles, steel steps involved. There was simply everything.

Michaels managed to fend off Cena’s STFU near the end - that’s the submission hold he tapped out to at Wrestlemania 3 weeks - by dragging himself to the ropes and forcing the break. Then he also kicked out of the FU and Cena turned over the commentary desk and shouted at Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, ‘What more do I have to do?’.

Shortly afterwards Michaels connected with the Super Kick. Yes, he delivered Sweet Chin Music and Cena amazingly kicked out too. I was astounded, utterly amazed. The end came when Cena had Michaels up on his back about to give him a 2nd FU but the Heart Break Kid wriggled free, landed on his feet behind The Champ and then when Cena turned around he received another dose of Sweet Chin Music and Michaels fell on top of The Champ’s body to get the 1-2-3 count.

Fooking amazing stuff. Already an instant classic according to the WWE website and they are right. How will Cena respond at Backlash? I can’t wait.

Here’s the finish:

[img width=500 height=260]http://www.wwe.com/content/media/touts/feature/29062/4577192

[img width=308 height=200]http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w4/Captainshan/4582406.jpg

What tools. ::o

Jose at Raw ;D


I’m away in Glasgow for Backlash so can one of you kind folks post up an event report?