Wwe Dublin April 2009

I didnt even know they were having a show in the new Point next April but due to popular demand another show has been added for April 16th with tickets due to go on sale this Friday at 9am. Its the Raw Brand. Anyone thinking of going? I wont be due to being at Mania a few weeks earlier.

Idiots in work said to me, its the same thing you’re going to. My response was one word “NO”.

Anyway, going to that after WM would be like shagging Hayden Panettiere and then having a go at Aine Chambers afterwards. Pointless.


Can I ask ye about the wrestling…Is it real or is it decided before they go in the ring who gets to win?

Sorry for hijacking the thread…if there has been a thread on this before then point me in that direction

If Cena isnt at this thing I think the kids will riot. The O2 Point holds 15,000 I think so if they sell out both nights that would be something. A tv taping in the future perhaps.

To address tipptops. Yes of course its predetermined. Bandage wont hear of this tough http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif

Did you see where they have the location of the ring though Shan? Awful layout.


Can I ask ye about the wrestling…Is it real or is it decided before they go in the ring who gets to win?

Sorry for hijacking the thread…if there has been a thread on this before then point me in that direction[/quote]

As one of the greatest ever Bret Hart said its more real than you think. http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif All that is decided is who wins but the wrestlers then usually just call the action when they get to ring. Every move wouldnt be planned in advanced.

Hacketts haven’t put up the odds for No Mercy yet. I wonder how they price up the Hunter/Hardy match. I think Hardy might just do it.

It is real all right. Nothing is pre-determined and it’s high risk, off the cuff action. One of the most impressive things is when another wrestler rushes from backstage to interfere in a match. Obviously this is unscripted but straight away you’ll hear their theme music blaring out. They’re generally very quick to spot things and get the music blasting out over the PA System.

Is it picked before they go into the ring or does the ref give the nod at some point during the fight to say who is to win?

When Bret Hart lost at the Survivor Series 1997 that could have been scripted.

I have always been impressed with how they get the music on so fast too. Especially when someone unexpectedly returns and their music hits. http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

It’s always predetermined before they go to the ring. They also have certain spots during matched that need to be ran through before heading to the ring.

have you any idea how much the top characters would be on?..the undertaker or shawn michaels…michaels must be nearly 50 at this stage

There was a great show out a few years ago called Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets that gave the game away. I cant find a link for it on youtube unfournately. The highlight was the stunt granny where a bad guy wrestler would shove the granny onto the ground to get the crowd worked up. http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Jaysus. Michaels only 42 or so. He just got big very young. As for salaries I’ve no idea. Stone Cold and The Rock are the biggest earners in history afaik.

I heard Hbk would be on 1.5 Mil a year plus all the royalties from Merchandise and I would imagine Taker wouldnt be far behind him. Hulk Hogan would have earned the most money overall but Stone Cold wouldnt be too far behind. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would have earned more from his movies than wrestling at this stage.

Yeah but Shan The Rock and Stone Cold were the top boys at the time the WWE was at it biggest and most profitable. I read somewhere it was from 99-02 when wrestling was making more money than at any other time.

How much does a ticket cost to go in and see a show? Say just for an average enough seat.

The ticket prices for the point show are: 76.25, 65.70, 54.80, 33.60. From experience you wouldnt want to get a seat ring level far back as people in the front rows tend to stand up a lot so a tired seat would be the best seat to get as you would get a good view.

Flano you have to remember Hulk had a sweet deal during his Nwo days as well and had percentages of any Wcw Pay per view he wrestled on so while 98-01 would have been a good time for Rock and Austin, Hulk made more money overall no doubt.

Hogan probably made the highest base salary but the money Austin made from merchandise was massive. Especially the Austin 3:16 t-shirt

I think a measure of Stone Cold and the Rocks popularity is that they still have shirts of theirs on sale on wweshop. I’ll try and track down where I got my info from and post it up here.