You Are Not Stuck In Covid, You Are Covid Part 6 of infinite (Part 7)

There needs to be a serious inquiry. Who knew that vaccines didn’t stop transmission and when


The point is no-one knew that vaccines stopped transmission

The man that tried to cover up the cervical smear scandal is now coining it in on the cancer circuit. He’s an utter scumbag.


The most senior Government health adviser advised against a review of CervicalCheck the day after Vicky Phelan called for an investigation into the screening programme.

Instead, Tony Holohan, Department of Health chief medical officer (CMO), urged the health minister to opt for a report which Dr Holohan himself would prepare. He advised Simon Harris that the “appropriate way forward” was to “state that you have asked me to provide a report on the matter, including whether further actions or steps are required”.

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How quickly ye forget.


Vaccine passes etc, nothing to see here

Absolutely bizarre that most of the lads on here seem to have purposely forgotten this. Still having arguments from two years ago. Mentallers.

He’d have fit in well on here


Ye’re mad for the fake news lads.


It’s seems to have been thrown up justify that the young Mayo boy had died, which is bizarre

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10 times more admitted to hospital with flu this week in England than this week last year


Makes sense when every ailment going 12 months ago was diagnosed as covid, mate. The flu vanished in fairness to it back then. It had to come back eventually.

Poor chinese people are still being locked down sure. Terrible carry on.


The Chinese are getting angry.
The Chinese, Martin?

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Who could ever have predicted that wearing a mask/social distancing etc etc etc could have resulted in a drop in flu numbers :man_shrugging:

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Xi will be gone soon. Supply chains will be fucked

The new guy in will be worse.

Be grand

Its all kicking off, yet more proof that lockdowns cause more damage than they fix

They beat the shit out of him so he wouldn’t catch covid.