1916 things Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein are to blame for

  1. The Love/Hate murders
  2. The Regency Hotel shooting
  3. Brexit
  4. The November 2015 Paris massacre
  5. Storm Clodagh
  6. Colm Cooper’s knee injury
  7. Faugheen missing Cheltenham
  8. Burnout amongst GAA players
  9. Deano swearing on the Late Late Show
  10. The Challenger space shuttle disaster
  11. The Discovery space shuttle disaster
  12. Jonathan Sexton’s repeated concussions
  13. The sexual misdemeanours of a well known Irish sports journalist
  14. The murder of James Bulger
  15. The Web Summit leaving Dublin
  16. The Chinese stock market crash
  17. The obesity crisis
  18. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars switching to plastic wrappers
  19. Jacob’s removing the “Jelly Star” biscuit from boxes of Afternoon Tea
  20. JR Ewing being shot

You’re better than this @Sidney

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What a pathetic yhreadt.

Gerry Adams ordered the murder of a 38 years old widowed mother of 10.
He left 6 or 7 orphans under the age of 15 to be farmed off into care.

In Gerrys latest incarnation he would be campaigning vociferously for housing, subsidies, medical cards etc for a woman like Jean McConnville.
He would be campaigning loudly for her childrens rights including education.

Really pathetic thread.

21 - The patheticism of @HBV’s posts.

Dungeon this shit

The lead still in Ben O’Sullivan after the so-called botched robbery in Adare.

It was a mistake from the provos.

There is plenty of tales about what went on back then between both sides in that incident, but that was way over the top.

22 - The grass not being cut at GAA grounds hosting winter matches in the provincial club championships and National Leagues.
23 - Tiernan McCann’s dive.
24 - Diarmuid Connolly getting his suspension for the All-Ireland semi-final replay against Mayo overturned.
25 - The poor attendances at Sigerson and Fitzgibbon Cup matches.
26 - Cuts to Garda resources
27 - FAI representative team supporters being unsuccessful in their ticket applications for Euro 2016 matches.
28. The wrong winner of Miss Universe being announced.
29. RTE’s “Rebellion” turning out to be shit.
30. The worldwide decline in the bee population.

The decline in Gillette razor sales.

We’ve had words about this before 'sidney. This is pathetic. It’s joe.ie level stuff.

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@Sidneys either mental breakdown or delusion.

33 - @Juhniallio constantly sharing inane Joe.ie links on social media.

The demise of the Labour party, but they have to take some credit for that themselves the cunts.

35 The holocaust

146 - Disappearing numbers 36 to 145


36 @Bandage norwood 4 scale MPB

That “small businesman” who confronted Mary Lou McDonald at the top of Grafton Street today about Sinn Fein’s tax policies is the CEO of the Irish arm of this “small business”.

London based Sarasin & Partners manages about £13.5bn (€16bn) on behalf of charities, institutions, intermediaries, pension funds and private clients, from the UK and around the world. It is part of Bank J Safra Sarasin, a Swiss private bank.

He also has a long career at ACC Bank and Barclays behind him.

37 @Sidney starting this thread.

The massive chip on @Sidney’s shoulder, the absolute hack of it.

Great thread

39 carryharrys shit weed

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40 - Paul Williams making up stories involving murder, drugs and sex.
41 - Paul Williams’ affairs
42 - Nicola Tallant going to lap dancing clubs where she “regularly took off her clothes and offered sex to the punters”.