2008 National Football League

The fixtures have been announced for next years NFL. As my copy and paste is not working, I am unable to put up all the fixtures but I will give you some of the cracking matches we have to look forward to :

3rd February = Leitrim vs Fermanagh

17th February = Longford vs Leitrim

2nd March = Louth vs Leitrim

16th March = Leitrim vs Sligo

30th March = Leitrim vs Down

6th April = Wexford vs Leitrim

13th April = Limerick vs Leitrim

thedancingbaby wrote:

6th April = Wexford vs Leitrim

I, for one, can’t wait to witness the first ever meeting between Wexford and Leitrim in competitive senior football. Seeing how strong Leitrim are at home (when they get beaten in Connacht and the first round of the qualifiers every year) I’m just relieved it’ll be on down in Wexford Park. I’d advise all Leitrim supporters to start booking hotels / B&Bs now to avoid disappointment as this game will surely capture the imaginations of football fans all around the country, and further afield too.

Division 3 is going to be very competitive with the news that the bottom 2 will not be in the qualifiers after they are knocked out of their provincial championships (unless they reach the provincial final)

the dream is to beat wexford in the second last game and send them into Division 4 and the Tommy Murphy Cup.

have ye appointed a manager yet Bandage ??

No manager appointed as of yet. It’s the usual scenario where a committee of auld lads have been appointed to select a manager. The best candidate within the county, and possible the only native capable of doing the job, has ruled himself out so we’ll be trying to entice an ‘outsider’ down. I think the perception out there is that Pat Roe and then Paul Bealin got the most out of the players available and there might not be much more improvement to draw out of the squad so I don’t expect a barrage of applications for the job. As usual I expect the ‘expenses’ package the county board offers will have a large bearing on the quality of manager we get. I’ve no idea who’d be a good choice to be honest.

Sean Boylan ?

Ye could do a lot worse than Jerome McWeeney. He struck a man once and I’ll never forgive him for that but he is some motivator.

Boylan has been mentioned on a few wish lists alright but at this stage of his career I don’t know if he’d be bothered.

McWeeney’s a cracking shout and he’s the type of manager we’ll probably end up getting - someone who’s relatively unproven but ambitious in the sense that’s what Bealin was and his ultimate aim was to use Wexford as a stepping stone to get the Dublin job. The trouble was he wasn’t really any good of a manager.

Paul Bealin’s taken the Carlow job. What the fook is that all about? I can’t believe he betrayed me after I personally asked him to stay on as Wexford manager a few months ago (as a piss take even though I wanted him out). And to think he probably thought the next county he’d manage after Wexford would be Dublin.

It was a very impressive feat for him to train Clongeen to a county title but overall he’s very inexperienced and I think it’s too early for someone with that kind of cv to get the Wexford job. From reading between the lines it appears the committee charged with choosing a successor for Bealin were coming up against brick walls and instead of pressing on and trying to get someone with sufficient experiece they have settled for Ryan. If his appointment is ratified then I wish him the best of luck but I’m not particularly optimistic for the future given he doesn’t possess the level of experience I had hoped for.

From RTE:

Ryan to lead Wexford footballers

Sunday, 4 November 2007 11:22

Waterford’s Jason Ryan is expected to be unveiled as Wexford’s new senior football manager on Tuesday night.

Ryan made a name for himself in the county when he managed Clongeen to a first ever County Senior Football Championship title a few weeks back and his appointment sees the Waterford inter-county footballer sampling inter-county management for the first time.

His appointment comes at the end of a long search which had seen Aidan O’Brien, of Good Counsel College and Horeswood fame; former Meath manager Sean Boylan, Dublin’s Mick Galvin, and Laois’ under-age supremo Sean Dempsey all decline invitations to take over at the helm.

The position became vacant following the acrimonious departure of Paul Bealin, after just two years in the post. Bealin and County Chairman Ger Doyle could not agree a training schedule, with the former Dubs star seeking a November start, while Doyle vetoed the proposed training schedule citing ‘player burn-out’ as a real problem.

Ryan met with the Special Committee set up by the County Board for several hours during the week after which they agreed to recommend his appointment to Wexford County Board on Tuesday night.

Ryan has been a member of the Waterford senior football squad for several seasons. He is expected to meet with the players within the next week to discuss his plans for the new season. No selectors or backroom team have yet been finalised.