2009 Cunt of the Year Competition - Starts Monday

Publicising this with its own thread as many of you may not see it up above on the sticky.

OK, I’ve gotten fed up waiting for Rocko on this one so I’m going to take the law into my own hands here. Do bear with me seeing as I am a virgin when it comes to running competitions of this kind and keep in mind that problems may occur owing to my inexperience. I apologise in advance for any mistakes that may be made.

The Cunt of the Year 2009 competition will run as follows. 94 cunts will be in contention. Earlier I had said 99 would be in contention, however five of those cunts are forum members and as this is a Cunt of the Year rather than Idiot of the Year competition I will be ruling out the following: The Puke, The Dunph, MyBoyBlue, Bandage and North County Corncrake
As 94 is not a convenient number in terms of dividing up the heats evenly, the following format will apply.

There will be 8 quarter finals. The first 6 quarter finals will contain 12 cunts, while quarter finals 7 and 8 will contain 11 cunts. Cuntry protection shall be provided at the quarter final stage, similar to the format in the Champions League. For example, Fianna Fail or Sunday Independent cunts, etc, etc, will be kept apart.

There will be 4 qualifiers from each quarter final, leaving us with 32 cunts for the semi-finals, which will be arranged into 4 groups of 8. The top 2 in each semi final will qualify for the final. The 8 remaining cunts will then do battle for our grand prize.

Provisional schedule:
I will make the draw tomorrow. Quarter final 1 will commence polling sometime on Monday. One quarter final will commence each day subsequent to this. Each quarter final poll will last for 48 hours, meaning the result of the final quarter final will be known on Wednesday January 27th .

At this point a further draw will be made to determine the groups for the semi finals. Semi Final 1 should commence on Thursday January 28th, with each subsequent semi final again staggered to start on consecutive days. The result of the last semi final should be known on Tuesday February 2nd.

The 2009 COTY Grand Final will then commence on Wednesday February 3rd, with the winner to be announced in the early afternoon of Friday February 5th.

BTW any ties between contestants will be settled by a two hour blitz poll. Feel free to correspond regarding any queries or grievance you may have regarding th running of the competition. I may run off a separate International Cunt competition if the demand is there.


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After a miscalculation on my part (over counting and forgetting to omit HangBlaa), there will be 92 contenders. 4 quarter finals of 12, 4 of 11.

I’m on tenterhooks…

This is a great competition. When it gets down to the latter stages you have to put some serious thought into your votes.

It can indeed get tricky. Sometimes I end up splitting my votes between a few well deserving candidates.

I hope Sid gets this up and running soon.