2010 All Ireland Hurling Qualifiers

So the Hurling Qualifiers kick off this weekend, with Laois travelling to take on Carlow for the 4th time in about 2 months (U21 hurling included). What a wonderful system we have that allows this. Cant see how there won’t be copious amounts of timber shattered in this contest, there’d be no love between the sides at the best of times, Carlow would be a shower of mullockers and will look to stiffle Laois’s attacking sensibilities. However the game against Dublin will have brought on the likes of Zane Keenan no end which will be a huge boost to Laois.

Laois took on Clare during the week in a challenge game in O Moore Park. Rigney subbed most of his starting side at half time and went down by 6 points in the end I believe. Hard to see Laois not having enough for the Rasta men and I expect to be on the road to Antrim next weekend.

Am I missing something with this back door system or does it punish inter provincal semi finalists? Limerick fought their way to the semi final this year and will now have to play one of the losing Leinster semi finalists. Whereas you have a below standard Tipperary team getting a much easier draw, against one of the lowest ranked Leinster teams, for getting knocked out in the first round. If Tipperary get a soft draw they could cruise to the semi finals while Limerick will have to earn it every step of the way. Theres no justice in that.

Whisht, Laois have gotten two horrible draws, last years All Ireland winners cough in the Ring cough) and most likely a provincial champion next weekend. Horrible.

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Look on the bright side blue.
No relegation this year

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Chicken counting is something ye should seriously consider in Laois, ye seem to be more natural at it then the auld hurling and football anyway.

We’re more beef farmers in Laois, that and tillage on the fine plains of the midlands. I’d know very little about chickens and the counting there of.

Every cloud Piles, every cloud. :smiley:

I see the draw for the second round of both the hurling and football qualifers is on Ireland AM in the morning :rolleyes:

The reason for this is because TV3 have the draw this week and the Louth v Westmeath game isnt until late this afternoon so by the time that’ll be over TV3 will be gone off the air. Ridiculous stuff though, can you imagine the car crash that’ll be in the morning?

Is it home/away or neutral venues puke, would,'y you think they would spare us the shame of a tv3 draw

Home/away for phase two…presume phase three and the quarter finals will be below in Thurles like the last two years

Will be an interesting clash no matter who we get. Certainly no reason to fear either team.

Clare v Offaly would be a cracking match.

be an awful balls to have to go to Parnell Park