2010 Astro Transfer Window Thread

In the night that TFK captured their third astro title in a row, attention has already switched to the new season.

All kinds of rumours have been doing the rounds but one thing which seems certain is that briantinnion has played his last game for the club.

Rumours as well that a deal has already been struck to resign former player Stevie G, which would be a major coup.

Keep track of all speculation here.

I’m a lot like this guy. http://backpagefootball.com/columnists/what-could-have-been-sebastian-deisler/

Horrible knowing that I’ve played my last game in the DART green as a fully fledged squad member but good to go out on a high.

It’s actually a good series of “where are they now” articles on that site.

cesc4 was in negotiations with Liam Ridgewell and Joe Hart in the pub last night about joining the astro team for the new season.

I’m locked in negotiations with a number of interested parties regarding our squad for next season. I envy the likes of Farmer and Cesc4 who can jet away to exotic locations for the interseason break while myslelf and Bandage are working hard trying to move players on and sign new players.

I’m not in a position to confirm anything before tomorrow at the earliest but I’ve been innundated with queries about personnel changes so I will say the following:

  • it is public knowledge that Tinnion was not offered a new contract, nor was he offered any severance pay. He’s gone and GOOD RIDDANCE.
  • there are some players who failed to prove themsleves in the first team last season after injuries, form and poor attitudes got in their way. Tinnion won’t be the only player shown the door from last season’s squad.
  • I expect TWO MORE to follow.
  • We had fringe players in the squad last season who never really made the breakthrough into the first team at all. EXPECT CHANGES there too.

On the signings front:

  • expect a familiar name from the forum to SIGN UP. I can’t say much more at this stage but we’re locked in negotiations with at least one poster.
  • I’m not ruling out the return of a familiar face from the past.
  • The real test of a great team is how we introduce new blood. We won’t be growing stagnant together. There’s something FISHY going on in these negotiations.

Finally, and most importantly, I’m delighted to announce a backroom change this year. BANDAGE will be moving up in the world from a position of Vice-Captain and Assistant Manager to Co-Captain and Assistant Manager. I’ll be using more of Bandage on gameday.

First game is tonight and I don’t anticipate (m)any changes to the squad after the first game. We’ve done a fair amount of reorganising behind the scenes to keep TFK on an upward curve.

therock66 - never cut it
Clarkeycat - questionable attitude, talented player on his day but simply didn’t score enough goals considering the advanced positions he found himself in. The type of player who might do well at a Borgia or an Aviva but not title-winning standard I’m afraid.
Tinnion - no doubting his talent but all the focus has been on billboards and the catwalk to the detriment of his football career. Winding down in the States.

Monkey Allen - a sturdy Wexican with a touch of class and a heart of iron.
Fish - plucked from the backwaters of the AUL, Fish is a risky signing but sometimes you have to go with gut instinct. Should add a bit of bite to our midfield play.
Stevie G - welcome home son. Welcome home.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks Rocko. A lot of people who don’t understand football won’t have recognised my contribution from my Xabi Alonso role in midfield but I know you do. While TFK are now short in terms of craft, I’m sure Stevie G will make up for that in terms of legs and a lovely smile.

Forza TFK.

I wish the dead wood the very best of luck with their post TFK careers.

But enough about them. I’m very excited to welcome our three new signings to the club and look forward to many trophy winning seasons with them on board.

I should also mention that my own contract with Uhlsport has come to an end and I will be sporting Nike goalkeeper gloves this season. I had some misgivings about signing with Nike but I was assured that product quality in the Taiwan factory is second to none despite the employment of so many inexperienced children.