2015 All Ireland Final - De Duds vs The Yerras

I’m going for Dublin.

I think Dublin’s full back line is much more capable of handling the Kerry full forward line that vice versa.

Kerry have an obvious advantage in the midfield sector which makes it interesting but the relative ease at which Tyrone were able to carve out goal chances against Kerry doesn’t bode well for them. If Dublin do the same, they will take them and as we’ve seen in pretty much every big game over the past number of years - goals have a huge impact on games, the momentum they give the scoring teams can not be underestimated.

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Can you sticky this please, pal.

Who’ll be reffing it?

The two Laois lads and McQuillan did the semis so that would seem to rule them out of the final.

David Coldrick nailed on? Probably the best of what’s left. That Gough lad has been decent from the games I’ve seen him cover.

They’ll hardly give it to Padraic Hughes or god forbid Marty Duffy or Conor Lane…?!

I’ll be Coldrick

Gough is the best available but he works in Dublin and probably won’t get it for that reason.

I’d imagine it’ll be Coldrick alright.

I’ll be Marty Duffy.

Not a hope.

Any time I do a drunken pub referee role playing game with @Parky, I’m Marty Duffy, which is what I was referring to.

Obviously Coldrick will be the referee for the final.

Doesnt Coldrick work in Dublin too

Stars in your eyes?

Actuary in Irish Life HQ on Abbey Street. Found him a pleasure to deal with on audits between 2002 and 2006. Unfortunately I didn’t spot those deposits going into Anglo and coming back out just before and after reporting dates. But an audit is only a sample and we can’t be expected to uncover everything.


Sweep sweep


Do you have the “can’t be expected” clause in your T&C’s?

We certainly did, mate.

“An audit is only a sample…we take no responsibility for any omission, error or unlawful act not identified…up the Ra…”

And other words to that effect.

I should clarify that, as an actuary, Mr Coldrick had absolutely nothing to do with this deposit business. That was a separate part of the audit. Well, actually it wasn’t because we didn’t notice it. These things happen.

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Japanese people who can speak English pronounce the word “actually” as “actuary”.

I’m told this has led to some awkward situations in Japo-Irish financial services interactions in the past.

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I’m surprised people are even debating the result of this match.

When the end of year reviews are written after this final, it’ll be be noted, and rightly so, that Kerry didn’t win this final on September 20th in Croke Park, but in Killarney on March 1st, when they laid down a crucial psychological marker™ in the league match between the teams.

This has echoes of 1978, when Kerry didn’t win the final in September in Croke Park, but in a challenge match the previous April on a muddy pitch in Gaelic Park, New York, when they decided that rather than not respond to Dublin’s roughness, they’d fight fire with fire and take them on in an all-out brawl. The result of the brawl was open to interpretation, but Kerry won the match, and thus the destiny of the All-Ireland was decided that day.

2 weeks of this, Sid will be in an asylum by throw in.


Will Dean Rock be dropped for the final? Who should start instead of him? McManamon is a better super sub and Alan Brogan might be more useful having a cameo off the bench too.

I’d keep Rock on. I think there’s too much made of his poor frees, they were difficult. He should be doing more from general play but I much prefer the alternatives coming off the bench.

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